Did Tony Ornato help TFG plan the coup? Or just cover up the Secret Service’s role in it?

I’ve had my eye on Tony Ornato since the Tulsa coronavirus rally on June 20th 2020. (link)

I think Tony Ornato and members of the Secret Service helped with the coup. Specifically they used their foreknowledge of where Pence would go following a violent attack on the Capitol to position a specific driver in the secure location.

Tony Ornato, star of United States Secret Service: On the Frontline (2018)
Donald Trump with the head of his protection detail, Tony Ornato, in the documentary United States Secret Service: On the Frontline (2018)

They knew the procedure for Pence when he arrived at the secure location–take him off-site.

“at the White House, Pence’s national security adviser, retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, was making a similar argument to Ornato. Ornato indicated that the Secret Service planned to move Pence to Joint Base Andrews.

“You can’t do that, Tony,” Kellogg said, according to Leonnig’s and Rucker’s reporting. “Leave him where he’s at. He’s got a job to do. I know you guys too well. You’ll fly him to Alaska if you have a chance. Don’t do it.”

 As agents cajoled Pence to leave the Capitol, he declined, insisting on remaining in the building to finalize the counting of electoral votes confirming Trump’s (and his) loss.

“I trust you, Tim,” Pence told the head of his security detail, Tim Giebels, “but you’re not driving the car. If I get in that vehicle, you guys are taking off. I’m not getting in the car.”

Jan. 6 probe renews questions about Secret Service independence, July 18, 2022 Washington Post

Pence knew that once he was in the car he would no longer have control of his location. (What was Pence going to do? Grab the wheel to have them take him back to the Capitol? )

Pence trusted his guy, but he didn’t know the driver. Who else would know the protocol? Who would know the personnel & their loyalty to Trump OR their rigorous adherence to procedure? Tony Ornato & the Trump SS loyalists. That’s why we need to see all communications from these people in all forms and question them under oath. (Joyce Vance pointed out that likely there are multiple forms of communications beside text messages that day that should be investigated. )

Also, Ornato & the SS agents would KNOW text messages would be requested after J6. They likely knew people who could erase them at the server and back up level after the fact.

Tony Ornato’s full FLETA.gov BIO here:

From Anthony Ornato’s official bio ” Prior to his detail at the White House, Mr. Ornato served as the SES Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) of the Office of Investigations (INV).  As the DAD, Mr. Ornato oversaw the foreign field offices as well as all headquarters divisions under INV, including the Criminal Investigation Division (CID).  He was responsible for all investigative strategies as well as the implementation of investigative training at the National Computer Forensics Institute.

the premier agency for cyber investigations actually has a facility in my district, the NCFI, the National Forensics Institute, and the Secret Service, trained state and local law enforcement and even judges from across the country, in this facility here. And one of the things lo and behold, that they teach is how to recover lost documents.

Joyce Vance, Sister’s In Law “Bannon is guilty” Jul 23 2022

Joyce joked that maybe the Secret Service can use some of their own experts and recover these materials. But my thought is that because the Secret service trains others on how to find forensic evidence, they would also know best how to destroy evidence or not leave incriminating evidence.

Missing Secret Service Texts: Watergate Tapes on Steroids

“if it is shown that these records were intentionally destroyed, to not be turned over to the January 6 committee, that sounds like obstruction of justice to me, and that’s a much more serious crime. And as you said, Barb, if you couple this with the missing White House phone logs with the missing White House records of Donald Trump’s movements, this feels like the Watergate tapes on steroids. This is really we don’t know all the facts yet. But you know as as they say down in Joyce’s neck of the woods, something in the milk and clean.”

Kimberly Atkins Stohr, Sister’s In Law “Bannon is guilty” Jul 23 2022

Cops lie. Cops lie to protect other cops.
Would the Secret Service lie to protect Trump? To protect other Secret Service agents?

I recently watched a documentary of the US Secret Service put out by National Geographic in 2018. It featured Tony Ornato. After watching it, and then learning about deleted texts, I’m even more convinced that Ornato & SS agents loyal to Trump played a pivotal role in the coup attempt. Now with the deletion of the text messages I’m even more convinced.

The deletion of the text is a big deal, but there might be others out there to find.

I would want to ask them, were you using anything other than your government communications? You know, were you using personal devices? Did you use encrypted apps? I would really want to find out the full range of communications they used. Yeah,

Joyce Vance Sisters In Law podcast “Bannon is guilty” Jul 23 2022

I’m glad the J6 committee is looking closer at him and the Secret Service now. I’ll use this attention to make another plea to the DHS Oversight committees and the Coronavirus Oversight committee to look into Ornato & Trump loyalist Secret Service agents who covered up for Trump’s COVID crimes at the time.

Tony Ornato & his Secret Service buddies were in the perfect position to do it then. AND, what a lot of people don’t know is that Trump appointed DHS IG, Joseph Cuffari, was asked to investigate the Secret Service management policies on COVID, but were rejected.

Today House Oversight Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney and House Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson are calling for the Department of Homeland Security inspector general to recuse himself from the investigation into it.

The recent news that Joseph Cuffari, knew about the deletion of the texts and sat on them for months is important. When I was doing my story back in 2021. I looked into which agencies would have the power to look into the COVID reporting crimes if the state AG wouldn’t. One would be the DHS IG, but I saw that Cuffari, had already rejected it. The other was the DoD IG because they had oversight of the WH Medical Unit. (They had done an investigation into Ronny Jackson and issued a SCATHING report.
A report so bad that it cost him the appointment to the VA. )

My bottom line: I think people in the Secret Service helped with the coup. Especially Tony Ornato. They helped cover up their role in the coup. They need to testify under oath about this.

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