Who in Trump’s campaign leadership ordered COVID-19 testing stopped at the Tulsa rally?

In Jonathan Karl’s new book Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show, he wrote,

“According to two senior campaign officials, after the eighth person tested positive, two of them with the Secret Service, word came down from the campaign leadership: STOP TESTING.”

My question is: Who specifically in campaign leadership issued that order? Give me a name.
Was it a medical professional? Was it Sean Conley?
Who was in charge of the White House Medical Unit in Tulsa at that time?
Who was in charge of making sure Federal, state and local public health laws and emergency orders were followed?

Karl didn’t use that person’s name in the excerpt I read in Vanity Fair. Why not? Why is he protecting them? Because they were a source from his book?

The name is important because that person’s order led to multiple violations of Federal CARES act laws and Oklahoma’s public health COVID reporting laws that were in effect at the time. Specifically, §63-6103, The Catastrophic Health Emergency Powers Act,

Those violations meant that state public health officials could not do their job to protect the health of people in their state.

Thousands of people in Oklahoma got sick and died because they got infected at that campaign rally. But we only hear of Herman Cain.

But Herman Cain shouldn’t be the face of the deaths that happened because of from that rally, it should be people like Dr. Yee Se Choa Ong, a cardiologist, (Who died from COVID-19 12/21/2020 in San Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.)

Dr. Yee Se Choa Ong, a cardiologist, in Oklahoma died at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa in December, 2020 from COVID-19

Over at Crooks And Liars John Amato used a quote from the book excerpt from Betrayal in Vanity Fair in a piece titled, Trump Senior Staffer said: ‘We Killed Herman Cain’.

In the comments people were surprised someone admitted any responsibility. Others didn’t care what happened to Cain. They said he chose to attend & brought it on himself by not wearing a mask. I get having no sympathy, but Cain wasn’t the only one who died.

There are hundreds of others who died from COVID-19 after the Tulsa rally. People like Kathy Cronemiller, who ran several preschools and who died Christmas Eve 2020 or Victorio Alejandro Ramirez,a Marine, a soccer coach, a husband, father and grandfather who died November 30th, 2020. All of them were profiled in Frontier’s series, Oklahomans We’ve Lost.

People might ask, “Can you prove that people got COVID-19 from someone who was at the rally? Yes. Can you prove those specific people in the series got if from someone who was at the rally? It is possible, but harder. The Trump campaign delayed testing of likely positive individuals. They also might not have immediately reported to the Oklahoma State Health Department all the infected individuals, who then left the rally to travel home, possibly infecting locals.

This delay in testing happened right when the info on who was close to whom was known, so that connections for contact tracing could be made.

Who ordered campaign staffers and Secret Service agents to be tested days later in Virginia & DC so their infections couldn’t be linked to the event? Someone in the Trump campaign KNEW that this would evade local testing laws, delay and interrupt contact tracing. Who?

What the Trump campaign staff did was like knowingly sending Typhoid Mary to another state to infect others, after she had infected the people in your family. Did the head of the White House Medical Unit agree to this? What did they do with the testing information that they already have?

Jonathan Karl has the name of the person who ordered the testing stopped. This person, Trump and others in the campaign, intentionally helped spread sickness and death in Oklahoma and has to be held accountable.

That person’s needs to go to the Oklahoma Attorney General so they can investigate. Also, because this involved the Secret Service, that name should go to the DHS Congressional Committee that oversees the Secret Service. That’s Bennie Thompson, Chair of the Homeland Security Department oversight committee.

I’m going to try and find out by asking the people who reported on this. I’m going to all Karl’s virtual book tours to see if I can get my questions answered.

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