We’ve adapted to the velocity of COVID-19 deaths. That needs to stop.

Americans have adapted to the velocity of deaths from COVID-19. We need to understand our perceptions have been distorted, so we can act urgently and stop accepting the obstructing behavior of politicians and acceptance by the media.

Like in a war, the number of deaths in the early days that were seen as horrific, now seem normal. I was thinking of a way to talk about this when I found this piece in The Association for Psychological Science.

Too Fast, Too Slow: Judging–And Misjudging–Speeds

This distortion of perception applies to speeding in a car, but also when people watch fast videos for awhile and then normal speed ones.

It’s happens in freeway driving. You leave a highway to take an off-ramp, the fast speeds seem more normal than slower ones, and going the legal limit seems especially slow.

How do we get back to the urgency of action in the early days to a GREATER urgency to act NOW to prevent MORE deaths?

Hammer ALL Governors to push mask mandates NOW & other public health actions
People are dying! Stop waiting for elections to be certified.

Hammer GOP officials for allowing Trump to mope while people die
My friends in Indivisible groups around the country know how to do this. Call now! Protest at home offices!

Hammer COVID-19 Task Force for dragging their heels on the transition
They’ve given up on prevention to please loser Trump & the quack Atlas. That abdication of their responsibility to save lives was horrible when there were 2 dead it’s morally repugnant when it’s thousands dead EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Hammer Democrats to Hammer Republicans for NOT accepting the elections
I don’t care what they say in private to you so you can maintain your comity in January under Biden.
Sam Seder, Ben Dixon and Emma Vigeland had a great discussion about this today on The Majority Report  

Hammer the media for continuing to allow a slow weak response from everyone while we wait for Biden Administration.
Jesus H. Christ on The Cross Dying For Your Sins, yes the Lincoln Project allows you to attack Republicans so you don’t have to, but it’s time to get ACTUAL elected officials to speak strongly right now!

Personally I’m sick and tired of videos of them running down hallways while someone shouts a question at them. Stop letting them decline to comment! Stop accepting a platitude talking point for an answer! I know it’s not easy, so be prepared for their BS answer as part of your question and anticipate their standard response with a follow up.

If the media is stymied, follow a constituent who is in pain because of COVID-19 who has questions for them! Remember the elevator scene during the Kavanaugh hearings?

Catch them in their home districts on the way to their fundraising dinners.
It will make news. If their answers are especially inane it will get picked up by the Late Night comedy shows and that is how you reach people who aren’t on Twitter.

Look, I totally understand, my perceptions of the velocity of death over time have been distorted too. My understanding of which actions work or don’t work–but are still necessary to take–has also been broken by this administration and the GOP.

These days all I want to do is watch music videos of Annie Lennox, especially, There Must Be An Angel, but I do NOT want people to die so I can talk to them as angels!


You all know the old saying, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Sometimes we need hammers. 

We nail these people now or we nail more coffins later!


Bodies loaded into a refrigerated temporary morgue trailer in El Paso, Texas, on Nov. 16 Mario Tama—Getty Images

New York, Reuters.

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