How Power Fixers Cover Up Child Rape: Epstein and Trump

The Epstein case might be another way to bust Trump for one of his many serious crimes. But it won’t be easy. We can expect Trump’s White House to deal with this case like the others.

First deny. Then project Trump’s actions onto other people, in this case, Bill Clinton. Next they will try to distance themselves from the perpetrator while discrediting the victims involved. Finally there will be lots of screaming about Witch Hunts.

Remember, with Trump there are actual crimes that happened.  We have records of victims being paid off in Trump’s fraud and theft crimes. In other cases people were threatened, so they would shut up. We have evidence of that too. Trump has always used both high-level legal tricks and low-level thuggery.

For Trump’s alleged sexual assault cases he uses the same tricks. Only in this case, he might be the one who sees himself as a victim! If Epstein has evidence against Trump I think it would go like this:

“It never happened. (show the photo evidence) I was told she was 18! (Play the audio evidence) That could have been anyone! Where is your proof!? (play the video evidence) “That’s fake!”

If we follow the cover-up we might be able to see power players destroying evidence, obstructing justice, discrediting victims and cutting deals with law enforcement. If we are lucky we might see evidence of the serious underlying crime. And that matters. Would Trump apply his own standard of justice to himself?

During the Clinton impeachment Republicans said, “It’s not about the sex, it’s about the LYING!”    With that line the mainstream media could run the titillating details that were not crimes, and then pivot to a crime, lying, under oath.  The sex gave the story “heat” but the perjury gave the story a broken law to focus on to make it legitimate. Lying has no weight anymore, especially if it’s to the media. But sex crimes do.

In the Epstein case we will see a cover-up, deal cutting and lying about sex crimes. Instead of Acosta resigning or apologizing, first he will go on attack. He might eventually fall on his sword rather than reveal the people and leverage used to get the deal for Epstein and others. Acosta has vaguely referenced the pressure that was on him, but I want to hear about it under oath and names named.  Lying and spinning to the press is easy.

How will the media play these stories? The right wing media will connect the Clintons and Democrats to Epstein.  “Bill likes ’em young too! Monica! Blue dress! Clinton Foundation $25,000 donation! Argle Bargle!”

The main stream media will try and be “objective” but will be focused on the “both sides” and be sure to mention Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton for every Trump connection. Expect lots of deference to legal experts but not a lot of experts on how rich men exploit and rape children. I’d like to see some women, rape survivors and sex slave survivors be interviewed.

The media sources on the left should be very cautious and try to only use evidence and court information.  This is because I expect false versions of real information to be injected into the story by fixers.

If someone is Karl Rove/Karen Hughes level sneaky they will release some damning evidence about Trump, let the left wing media jump on it and then reveal it is a fake. “Check the kerning folks!”

The recent posting of ‘deep fakes’ videos means people should be careful with what they trust. Watch Jim Carry as Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

Here is how it would work. Someone puts out real information, but in a forged format. After it is shared as damning, the document’s authenticity is destroyed. This hurts both the credibility of person who shared it and the information. If no other corroborating evidence exists the case falls apart. The brilliant part of this sneaky method is how it uses one piece of fake evidence to cast doubt on dozens of other pieces of verified evidence.

This is what happened to Dan Rather on 60 Minutes. The fake Bush memo from TANG was an early use of the technique. Because the Epstein story involves state actors and powerful people with a history of fixers planting both real and fake info, I think the use of something like this is very possible. I’m hoping Mary Mapes, Rather’s producer who wrote a book on this called Truth and Duty, will speak up to remind people of the ways that sources are discredited and stories covered up.  Now that Les Moonves has been forced out at CBS because of his sexual harassment of women, it would be interesting to see if CBS will move forward on these sex crimes cases. I doubt it, but it IS a reminder that powerful men HAVE been forced out of the media. Most haven’t gone to jail, but there is movement.

A video of Trump and a minor having sex would be like the alleged pee tape, everyone on the left would forward and share it. If it was revealed to be a fake, it would be trumpeted by Trump. His “fake news” would be correct, even if it represented something that actually happened.

No Collusion! People Just Know What Trump Wants!

There is a Powerful People Protection system that will help Trump. They don’t work for him, but it’s “collusion by mutual understanding.”

Trump expects other people’s lawyers and low-level thugs to continue to do the dirty work needed to protect their own clients, which also protects himFor example: This suspicious fire in April 2018 on Epstein’s private Island  in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Simple explosion? Or destruction of evidence? 

Fixers will also use the power of the Internet to feed conspiracy fans. They don’t have to actually DO the work, just drop a few seeds and watch them grow.  Back in 2008 during Epstein’s trial, they focused on Clinton’s connection to Epstein. In 2016, before he was President, Trump even used Epstein’s association with Bill Clinton to attack Hillary. Conspiracy’s are designed to contaminate stories with over the top connections in order to distract from real connections.

Massive Fire Spotted On Private Island Owned By Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, April 2018

Based on the VIP list international fixers and governments will also be involved. The US and Trump didn’t condemn the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman following the murder of Khashoggi, even with extensive evidence. The use of international leverage as quid pro quo to help Trump might happen here.

What kind of leverage does/did Epstein have? It could be serious and useful enough to get him his deal. Maybe I watch too many movies, but the phrase, ‘If you take me down, I’m taking all of you down with me!” comes to mind.

Donald Trump calls out Bill Clinton Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island

People love to talk about how they got Capone on taxes, because it seems so clever, what they forget about is WHY they needed to go that route. Corruption. Deep, wide spread corruption. They couldn’t bust Capone for the serious violent crimes that he was responsible for, so they found a different way and used a group working outside the corrupt system.

I want to help the Democrat’s fight Trump. I know people want action. But I want actions that will have terrible consequences for Trump and his allies. If we can’t get Trump for lying, emoluments violations, tax fraud and obstructing justice why not get him for a serious sex crime? I would love all of the above, but it would be especially satisfying to take him down on this kind of crime.

Of course that kind of case would require planning and preparing because of the elite Powerful People Protection system.
We would need a Justice Department that wasn’t corrupt. Who is our Elliot Ness?

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