Mitt Never Said That 47% Thing! Romney: ‘Actually, I Didn’t Say That’

My comedian friend Jimmy Dore got to do what journalists rarely do–but should–call out a politician on his BS. This is from his podcast.  I animated it with goAnimate. It’s short, about a minute and a half.

It’s great that most people have a camera, phone, video and audio recorder on them at all times. Politicians and their spokespeople now need to find new ways to dig out of terrible comments. When they can’t “walk it back” or “clarify in context” they just deny they said it.

As John Oliver said on the Daily Show, it’s their job to find politicians and media saying the opposite  of what they said earlier.  And now it can be ALL of our jobs. Fire up those iPhones!

However, the mainstream press love to give politicians, ‘A second bite at the apple’ after a bad quote appears.  In Dan Balz new book, Collision 2012: Obama vs. Romney and the Future of Elections in America,” We see Mitt in full denial mode.  As   at the Huffington Post points out in his piece: Mitt Romney On 47 Percent Remark: ‘Actually, I Didn’t Say That’ About Personal Responsibility. This is the third opportunity he got after he was busted.  First the remarks were, “not elegantly stated” and then they were “completely wrong.” but now they are “out of context.”

If journalists don’t hold people responsible for what they say, we should be able to laugh at them for ham-handed attempts at damage control.
BTW, check out Jimmy Dore’s podcasts.  It’s available free on itunes, here’s the link.  When I explain to people what the podcast is like I say. “It’s like the Daily Show, only on radio” and that usually hooks them. One of the guys on the podcast was a former Daily Show writer. (Steve Rosenfield,)

It also usually includes the brilliant Frank Connif who wrote for Mystery Science Theater 3000.  (Favorite Line, “Chris Christie voted for the Defense of Marinara  Act”)

Besides the political comedy they do spot on funny phone calls with celebrities with Mike MacRae, doing Bill O’Reilly, Herman Cain, The Pope, Paula Deen, President Obama, and my favorite, Chris Christie. Robert Yasumura, Stef Zamorano (American’s favorite Mex I CAN), and Paul Kozlowski help write the show and are in on all the bits.

I went to his live stand-up show in Sunnyvale last week and it was great.  I got permission to use the audio for the animation. I might make some more if you like them, especially with Ron Paul and Herman Cain because they make me laugh really hard.  And I think we all need a good laugh these days, I know I do.

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