Trayvon’s Family Might be Required to Pay Zimmerman’s Lost Wages

My friend Lisa Graves, the executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy and the publisher of ALEC Exposed, was on Disrupt with Karen Finney this weekend. Here is a link to the whole show. 

I want to share with you a part of the story I haven’t seen anywhere else.


:..if Trayvon’s family does not prevail in a civil suit and this claim is invoked, under that law, they would be required to pay George Zimmerman’s attorney’s fees and lost wages. It would require the victim’s family to pay the killer. And pay for the killer’s wages. That’s the law in over two dozen states in this country now.”

So, for everyone hoping that the Martin family might have a shot at winning a civil case, it’s not going to be easy.

I also want to point out that the Center for Media and Democracy is a GREAT group, I’ve been a fan for decades. They were responsible for getting 33 corporations to leave ALEC by showing them that the disgusting “Kill at Will” laws pushed by the NRA were not in line with the companies’ brand.  If you donate to them you are supporting a group that is taking effective action in exposing and blocking organizations that push nasty bills like “SYG” all over the country.

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