Our Pain, Moonves, Zucker, Mercer and Breitbart’s Profits

I’m pissed off at the news media, because I think they failed their duty to the truth. But that’s an old timey view of the news media. The metric for success in mainstream media is revenue for shareholders. Les Moonves is measured by how well he fulfilled his duty to shareholders.

Les Moonves, the chief executive of CBS, celebrated Donald Trump’s candidacy for the second time on Monday, calling it “good for us economically.” Moonves, speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference at the Park Hotel in San Francisco, described the “circus” of a presidential campaign and the flow of political advertising dollars, and stated that it “may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS, that’s all I got to say.”

“So what can I say? The money’s rolling in, this is fun,” Moonves continued, observing that the debates had attracted record audiences. February 29, 2016, — Lee Fang , The Intercept

What if generating money was taken out of the equation? What if you didn’t have to show shareholders you are making a profit, not even breaking even?

In the high-tech venture capital world people get money to realize an idea. They don’t have the instant demand to make . . . → Read More: Our Pain, Moonves, Zucker, Mercer and Breitbart’s Profits

Future History: The Steve Simels Redemption

From the 2019 short story “The Steve Simels Redemption”

(Sent from the future via Wormhole Extreme)

From Facebook November 17, 2016

And may I just say and for the record that I plan to be carrying Mace for the duration of the Trump administration? I have decided that I will not tolerate being subjected to hate speech and if the people I call on it get physical with me they’re going to get Maced.

I’m too fucking old to put up with this shit and I won’t.

Steve Simels

Dear Steve:

I would recommend against anything that involves a physical response. Be like smart small funny men everywhere. Think of a witty rejoinder.

Then, after you have made them laugh, get them on your side. Go to their homes, meet their wives or adult daughters. Learn about their lives, hobbies and income.

Next, when you have been friends for a year or so, get them to reveal their greatest fears and secrets. Then set up an investment program that they sell to all their friends.

At first make it look like they are making money so they get more friends to invest. Soon you are making millions.

When you have access to . . . → Read More: Future History: The Steve Simels Redemption

One Nation, Under Canada…

The Donald Trump apocalypse begins: The BeavertonIt’s a Canadian Show!

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I’m logical as hell and I’m not gonna take this!

We can push back against bullies. But they don’t just roll over. They fight back. They use dirty tricks. They have an enemies list. They are the Watergate burglars, people who use their power to harass and punish.  They use their power to get more power. When WE get in power and DON’T go after them, it means they get away with it.

If we fight them, they will go after us. We will prepare for it. When they do hit us, we USE that attack to gather more strength. Americans love the underdog. So much so that even the rich and powerful want to be the underdog. They always position themselves as the victim and want people to feel bad for them when they get their feeling hurt by someone calling them “fat cats.”

Don’t give up people! It’s not about just “surviving” this, it’s about seeing this as an opportunity for great things.

My friend Athenae has a piece about “surviving.”

Women got the vote in no small part because Alice Paul starved herself in prison to ask rights of a Democratic president. Because Susan B. Anthony was beaten in the street. Because Ida B. Wells lived . . . → Read More: I’m logical as hell and I’m not gonna take this!

I’m not gonna take this!


You know me. I’m a fighter. I took on Right Wing Talk radio and kicked their ass–financially. I worked because I got good people at the advertisers to walk away from racist, sexist violent rhetoric.

I prepared–and with the help of the EFF, Media Matters, bloggers and people around the world–we beat ABC/Disney in a copyright claim.

We cost KSFO millions in revenue. They didn’t renew the contract of Melanie Morgan because they lost so much money. They ended Lee Roger’s contract because he wouldn’t stop with this violent rhetoric and calling for genocide. His insulting of women was heard by the women who didn’t want to pay to sponsor him.

We cost Michael Savage millions in revenue.

We got Glenn Beck fired from Fox News because he wasn’t bringing in revenue.

We cost Limbaugh’s distributors 100’s of millions of dollars and thousands of advertisers won’t associate him with him again, ever.

And we did it because we fought. We saw they cared more about the money than anything, and we took it away from them. We beat them in the marketplace, which is what they actually care about.  We can push back against bullies. They don’t just . . . → Read More: I’m not gonna take this!

Not all White Men are Bad, But I Will Fight The Ones Who Are

 I’m not embarrassed to be a white male. I’m a good man. I feel sorry for men who feel so fragile and have been so screwed by white men and women in power that they grasp at the straws offered by Trump.

Women and feminism have been great for me and I’m happy to be alive during this time.

The men who reject strong, smart women are fearful and weak. They represent the worst of manhood.

I will stay a strong male progressive. I will not go backwards in my views on equality. I will not backdown to bullies. I will fight them and hurt them in the ways I know how – – financially, intellectually, and mortally.

They will not get the love they crave because they have rejected women.

They have rejected intellect and morality and they will pay the price. Not from me, but from all the intelligent and moral people out there.

I am Spocko and I will Live Long And Prosper here in the USA. I’m not going away back to my logical,  liberal planet.  I’m staying here to fight for the gains we have made.

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How to Report Men With Guns at Polling Places

If you spot some of Trump’s “Poll Watchers” with their guns at polling places, text GUNSDOWN to 91990 You will receive information on a national voter protection hotline (866-OUR-VOTE) operated by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights. Appropriate reports will be passed on to law enforcement and election officials, and voters will have the opportunity, if they feel safe doing so, to share photos of voter intimidation on social media.

There has already been an incident in Virginia.  A Guy In A Trump Shirt Carried A Gun Outside Of A Virginia Polling Place. Authorities Say That’s Fine. 

Note this comment, “Voters will have the opportunity, if they feel safe doing so, to share photos of voter intimidation on social media.”

Compare to how the right-wing acted when they have video of a New Black Panthers member with a night stick in 2008.

The right-wing didn’t hesitate to put up the videos, they also sent a reporter to the location to get more video and have a confrontation because that makes good TV. (Why is it a black man with a night stick so scary and a white man with a gun is not? I can’t quiet put my finger . . . → Read More: How to Report Men With Guns at Polling Places

What’s Obama’s Response to Pre-Election Cyber Attacks?

Let’s say the Obama administration has read and believed the intelligence agencies briefs about cyber attacks from state actors.  We know Hillary has.

“We have 17 intelligence agencies, civilian and military, who have all concluded that these espionage attacks, these cyber attacks, come from the highest levels of the Kremlin, and they are designed to influence our election.”  — Hillary Clinton on 10/19/16 the third presidential debate

What is the Obama administration doing about this now? Hopefully something good. It’s probably classified.

Visualization of Mirai Botnet Source HackRead

But I have another question. Were these cyber attacks, identified as coming from Russia, part of Donald Trump’s national security briefs? At the time of the debate Trump was getting national security briefings. Here is what he had to say about Clinton’s comment.

Trump: She has no idea whether it is Russia, China or anybody else.

Clinton: I am not quoting myself.

Trump: You have no idea.

Clinton: I am quoting 17, 17 — do you doubt?

Trump: Our country has no idea.

Clinton: Our military and civilian –

Trump: Yeah, I doubt it, I doubt it.

. . . → Read More: What’s Obama’s Response to Pre-Election Cyber Attacks?

People Who Went to Jail after Bundy’s Oregon Standoff

These people, dressed as they are, came from all over America to play militia man. Some, after making a deal with the Feds to NOT participate in future militia actions, still came and broke their agreements. All eleven have pled guilty. Photos courtesy of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office

After seven defendants were found not guilty following the Malheur Refuge occupation trial, lots of people are pissed off. I understand the thinking and hear the frustration. Especially when compared to what is happening to unarmed protesters at the Dakota pipeline protests. But did you know eleven defendants pled guilty?

These people didn’t get acquitted of all charges: Travis Cox, Geoffry Stanek, Jon Ritzheimer, Ryan Payne, Joseph O’Shaughnessy, Wesley Kjar, Corey Lequieu, Eric Flores, Blaine Cooper, Brian Cavalier, and Jason Blomgren.

One, Corey Lequieu, is already serving his jail term. Others, like Brian Cavalier, have been sentenced for crimes committed in Oregon, and still has to stand trial for charges at the Bundy stand-off in Nevada. Charges that the government did not press at the time.

There are also seven awaiting trial. Remember this guy, Sean Anderson? 

Yes, some of the big names from the Malheur Occupation got off, but that’s not the whole story. The government actually got a number of convictions, . . . → Read More: People Who Went to Jail after Bundy’s Oregon Standoff

What To Do When Trump Supporters Threaten To Kill

Here is what Trump’s followers are doing right now: From Virginia. Two guys with guns show up outside a democrat’s office to protest Hillary saying, “We’re not a threat to anybody, the only threat is ignorance, and ignorance breeds fear.”   Another Trump guy calls for a bloody coup and hopes someone shoots Hillary.

In the space between the extremes of,  “He will never win!” and “OMG, he could win this thing!” there is now a discussion of what his followers will do. That’s good. We need to be prepared for their “It was rigged!” screams.  But we also need to talk about what WE will do right now.

When Lou Dobbs published the phone number of Jessica Leeds, the 74-year-old former traveling businesswoman who accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her, I told my friends that I hope the secret service, the FBI and local law enforcement will be keeping an eye on all communications she receives.  I want her to be safe, but I also want to see a story about her threats being tracked, people identified and arrests being made before the election.

I want CNN and Fox to report on these arrests, because they helped make the threats happen, each in their own way.  I want arrests to . . . → Read More: What To Do When Trump Supporters Threaten To Kill