It’s Time For Armed Bullies To Face The Law

“Don’t be afraid of those roadblocks, drive up there and shoot them!”    -Sean Anderson

The current stand off in Oregon is not over. As of 2:00 pm Friday January 29th, 2016 four are still at the refuge.







Below is a video of one man at the refuge asking people to come help him. Listen as he tells them exactly how they should impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties.

“You a militia man? Come get some! It’s what you been training for, preparing for. We just happened to be the ones to step in it for ya. Now we are here. We need you. We want you, we welcome you.

“Don’t be afraid of those roadblocks, drive up there and shoot them. They are dishonorable, not following their oath, not protecting the American people, [we’re] good patriots fighting for our rights, they’re the terrorists.”

“Any LEO, military, law enforcement or feds that stand up and fuck their oath–don’t abide by their oath–are the enemy!”

“If they stop you from getting here, kill them!” (Oregonlive video link)

Four holdouts want charge dropped for one to end occupation.  Les Zaitz | The Oregonian/OregonLive

This specific . . . → Read More: It’s Time For Armed Bullies To Face The Law

DHS Predicted Armed Standoffs In August. Why no FBI or DOJ action?

In August 2014 I predicted that if the FBI and DOJ didn’t act following the actions by  Bundy supporters in Bunkerville, Nevada in April, armed stand-offs like the current one in Oregon would happen.

I’m pretty good at predicting the future, but I don’t expect people to listen to a time traveling Vulcan. But why didn’t they listen to the Department of Homeland Security?

Bundy supporter and armed protester Eric Parker from central Idaho aims his weapon from a bridge next to the BLM’s base camp near Bunkerville, Nev April 12, 2014 Photo Jim Urquhart -Reuters via KLAS-TV 8

In August 2014 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) put out a report, titled“Domestic Violent Extremists Pose Increased Threat to Law Enforcement and Government Officials,”

Bill Morlin from the Southern Poverty Law Center wrote about it.,

The report found that Cliven Bundy’s militia-backed standoff with Bureau of Land Management agents in April galvanized “some individuals, particularly militia extremists and violent lone offenders, to actively confront law enforcement officials, increasing the likelihood of violence.” Furthermore, the report adds, “this perceived success likely will embolden other militia extremists and like-minded lone offenders to attempt to replicate these confrontational tactics and force future armed standoffs . . . → Read More: DHS Predicted Armed Standoffs In August. Why no FBI or DOJ action?

I needed a gun for Christmas, not a stupid helmet!

After Christmas on Vulcan I would call my best friend and ask him what presents he got. We could compare notes and then meet up to play with our toys or to show them off. (Because Christmas is so much better if you got cooler toys than your friends.)

If this year we were playing war, I needed a big gun like, the Johnny Seven O.M.A. – One Man Army Gun – Topper Toys 1964

The best selling boys toy of 1964! Seven guns in one, which included: Grenade Launcher, Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher, Anti Bunker Missile Launcher, Armor Piercing Shell, Rifle fires 10 Bullets, Slide Bolt Action Machine Gun, Detachable Cap Pistol which fires shells. Detachable Stock & built in Bi-Pod. Over 3 feet long!

Description from Time Warp Toys

“You’ve won with Johnny Seven, the one man army gun!”

As you can see from this commercial, we were training to become the leaders of squads of commandos in World War II, so we wanted needed armor piercing shells and anti-tank rocket launcher to take out the Nazi tanks and save the world.

Later, during the cold war, we were training to become spies. Spies were cool. You worked alone, your . . . → Read More: I needed a gun for Christmas, not a stupid helmet!

Star Wars Fans Can Bring Real Guns into Marcus Theaters

This is disturbing. At the Marcus Corporation theaters (NYSE:MCS) in Nebraska people with concealed carry permits can bring their real guns into the movies anytime they want. This includes the opening night of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However, their costume policy says you can’t bring fake weapons or props that look like real weapons into the theater. Fictional props, like light sabers, are okay.

As crazy as it sounds, the Marcus Theaters’ fake gun policy is stronger than their real gun policy! I go into details below, but for now I think that Star Wars fans in Nebraska should know what they might be walking into.


Although I just spotted AMC’s weapon and costume policy last week, (photo), the Star Wars cosplay people have known about various costume restrictions since October. Big chains even put their costume policy info on their posters. The costume policies were created in the wake of the Aurora and Kentucky theater shootings, it’s very sad, but understandable.

But since I write about politics and gun violence, as well as science fiction, I wanted to confirm and compare the various movie chains’ costume gun policies and their real gun policies.

First I checked . . . → Read More: Star Wars Fans Can Bring Real Guns into Marcus Theaters

If only Obama would add the word Muslim to extremists

…maybe the bombs would explode harder.

Ted Cruz complaining about Obama not adding the word Muslim to extremists made some people wonder,

“Did they give FDR shit for not saying Hitler’s middle name?”

Listen to an explanation how ridiculous that is: Warning EXPLICIT language

From the Jimmy Dore Show with Mike MacRae as “Obama”

Here’s the entire call here. Warning EXPLICIT language

Here’s the entire Jimmy Dore December 11th 2015 episode here. 

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Our Dr. Wells may have been evil but…’re just a diiiiicck.”

the last episode of The Flash had such a great line I had to grab it and share it.

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How to get more than “routine media coverage” from your state’s mass shooting


This last year you might have been in community that has gone through a life changing experience–a mass shooting. Hopefully for you and most of your local media, it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

Your local media covered the story and you expected action to be taken by “The Powers That Be” so this doesn’t happen again.

Then you watched in stunned confusion as the national media, who have seen these tragedies many times before, marked it as routine. National politicians called it routine. Your story is just part of a larger trend.

Of course you believe your story deserves more than “routine media coverage.” How can the media be numb to your story? Aren’t they human beings? Don’t they feel the need to do something different this time ? Isn’t that their job? No. It’s yours.

There’s a problem – But it’s not the media’s problem

The media are stuck in a format they are afraid to break. Because breaking it gets them in trouble. So they lament the problem, but let the public know they can’t do anything about it. That’s what Bill Goodykoontz of the The Arizona Republic did in his column for USA . . . → Read More: How to get more than “routine media coverage” from your state’s mass shooting

Now is the time to change how the media covers shootings

Andy Parker looked into the camera and spoke directly to CNN’s Chris Cuomo and the media covering the live shooting of his daughter Allison.


“I know how you guys are, this will be a good story for a couple of days and then it will move to the back burner.”

This astute comment really stuck me. I don’t know his background, but he is exactly right about how the media works.

Parker wants change and is urging people to call their senators. That’s great, but because of his daughter’s profession I think he could also lead a change in how the media covers gun violence.

Here are some suggestions on what he could do and how you could help if you are interested.

Have Parker contact the media directly on follow-up stories about shootings. 

This is the reality of our celebrity culture. Parker now has standing as a type of celebrity. Journalists will take his calls. But he needs to offer more than just another interview with a shooting survivor or grieving loved one. What new story can he bring the media?

Parker can talk about the barriers to change he is seeing. This is an important topic since all . . . → Read More: Now is the time to change how the media covers shootings

What Good Can Come Out Of The Ashley Madison Hack?


Hey, did you read that Josh Duggar was on the Ashley Madison list? And it wasn’t a fake email address either! He confirmed it!

I know that some people get a feeling of joy or pleasure seeing Duggar suffer more misfortune. That’s nice for them. But with all the genuine suffering that this exposure will be causing innocents, can we at least get something good out of it?

The media are already using it for their headlines, therapists and divorce lawyers will be using it to get new clients. But can we get more out of this hack than media hits and billable hours?

What’s the opposite of Disaster Capitalism? Disaster Socialism? 

We know that some people use disasters to profit, others to push an agenda. “We are going to turn Iraq into a free market paradise using these Heritage Foundation interns!”

I propose we have a couple of items to push on our agenda.

First, increase the importance of privacy in both private governments and corporations. Second, use this data to show the problem with passing judgement on the private lives of ordinary people.

As Glenn Greenwald pointed out in his piece, The Puritanical Glee Over the Ashley Madison Hack,

[None of us should cheer when . . . → Read More: What Good Can Come Out Of The Ashley Madison Hack?

How will campaigns use Ashley Madison data? How will media?

Here is some interesting information compiled by @dadaviz taken from the illegally obtained Ashley Madison data dump. Link

34% of Ashley Madison Accounts are Fake

Yesterday I could have downloaded the 10 gigs of illegally obtained Ashley Madison customer data. The idea was kind of thrilling.  I could see which associates of politicians, lobbyists or corporate executives are on the list, prepare it for oppo research, political leverage and/or public shaming.

I didn’t do it but lots of people can and will.  Prepare for the onslaught. I’m trying to get ahead of the curve a bit. Partly to help people see who and how this might be handled. Partly to wonder how it might be used, abused or leverage by others. And finally, I’d like to reinforce the importance of figuring out how to maintain privacy in our current surveillance state.

I keep thinking about two comments I’ve heard in the past around privacy, sex and cheating on a spouse.

“If you haven’t done anything wrong you don’t have anything to worry about.” 

“It’s not about the sex, it’s about the lying.”

I wrote about privacy and this breach back in July, Why I care when people with ‘something to hide’ . . . → Read More: How will campaigns use Ashley Madison data? How will media?