Factory Owner Reinstates Employees Fired For Unleashing Toxic Gas

Elon Musk has unbanned the guy who runs The Daily Stormer

Andrew Anglin, Neo-Nazi Twitter User restored by Elon Musk.
Notice how he positions himself as the victim in advance?

Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin, who was booted off Twitter in 2013, has had his account restored. Right Wing Watch is a part of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Factory owner welcomes back employees fired for intentionally spreading toxic gas

I’m imagining a “community meeting” where the factory owner has to explain his decisions to the community who has been hurt in the past and could be affected again in the future because of the owners decision. I was going to make this a press conference, but cunning factory owners know how to deal with the media.

Public: Aren’t you worried they will do it again?
Factory Owner: I have robots in place that will suspend them if they put out toxic gas again.
Public: Why risk it? Why allow them a chance?
FO: (Answer for public) They will make tons of gases daily but only a small percent <.01% will unleash toxic gas.

Also many useful gases are toxic, but we control them with safety measures.
(Answer for investors: They can make me money. )

Public: You promise robots will find & suspend them. How fast will it happen? How accurate are they?
FO. Fast. A few hours at the most.
Public: But not immediately? Also, why do you wait until they cause harm to act?
FO: We find and suspend the biggest toxic gas creators quickly. You have to give us time to find everyone. It’s a very complex problem! You have to give us time to try out this new system.

Public: But YOU brought the people back! You didn’t have to do that!
FO: I had to bring them back because many were unfairly suspended. Also, what some people call toxic gas just smells bad to others.

Public: Okay, here is a list of people who made toxic gas, they were suspended for intentionally unleashing the toxic gas. You brought them back. Here’s specific proof, multiple cases. Also here’s the historical harm from them unleashing the gas. They were directly linked to the harm.

FO: Okay, but what about all the people who didn’t unleash toxic gas who I’m rehiring? Shouldn’t they have a second chance? Why are you only talking about the ones who unleashed the toxic gases? What about all the people who benefited from the people who DIDN’T unleash toxic gas?

Public: Because Toxic gases are harmful! They are deadly and you recklessly allowed toxic gas creators back into your factory and had the gas shipped all over the world. And you got rid of the safety inspectors who would have caught them!

FO: You haven’t answered my question. Don’t you want the beneficial gases they create? You create beneficial gases yourself. Do you want me to stop you from making gases in my factory?
Public: You are changing the subject. We know the difference. You know the difference. There is a list of gases that are toxic on your own factory list.

FO: I always said that cyanide gas was toxic. I just banned a person who made cyanide gas the other day.
Public: Okay, but here are a list of 30 other toxic gases and examples of 20,000 other people making and using your factory to distribute them.
FO: So? What are you going to do about it? Sue me? I didn’t create the toxic gas. I just gave them a place to distribute it. I tried to stop them. Eventually I did stop them. I should be commended for trying. Those other factories let toxic gas creators through all the time! You don’t hold them responsible.
ALSO, the makers of the toxic gas are responsible. , not me! I just make the pipes and provided the electric truck tankers that they are shipped in. Neither the factory nor I am liable. Look it up. I didn’t break any laws.

What do you mean I’m subject to EU & German laws.? I’M AMERICAN! What are they going to do?. Fine me? Let them try. I’m the richest man in the world!
Stop my pipes going to Europe? They won’t. They need me!

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