When we win, keep talking about winning!

I was really anxious & depressed for the last 2 weeks. Today I’m feeling a bit better because it wasn’t the blow out that the BS polls were predicting. 

During my delusions of grandeur I think about how to change the system. Part of it is Spreading the Good News about what good Democrats have done and can keep doing.
But that is REALLY boring to the media and Social Media.

What is more exciting to the media is when we Fight the Bad Guys. So, talk about our wins then talk about fighting bad guys!

He won!

Hey, that Fetterman win felt good! RIGHT? I’d also like to say, “F that Oz guy!”
But talking about crushing him is uncool. The consultant class say, “Be the bigger man… ” Sure because..

The MSM will ask what he is going to do next. 
“Are you going to “Reach across the Aisle to all the people who didn’t vote for you?” 
Sure, he’s supposed to look out for  “all Pennsylvanians, no matter their party.”

Gene J. Puskar AP

But that’s different from his role in the Senate. He can support the need to prosecute people where we have evidence and probable cause they committed crimes that harmed the country during a coup attempt.

Fetterman doesn’t need to go after the coup plotters, and the insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol, but we can. DEMOCRATS CAN.

We have probable cause Republicans  COMMITTED CRIMINAL ACTS. They need to be indicted. 
Keep talking about their crimes!

They can have their ‘day in court’ where they have to testify under oath. (Vs lying to the public on social media)
They can see the EVIDENCE against them.
They can argue about it. They can question it. They can provide exculpatory evidence, if it exists. (Which I doubt.)
They want to prove their innocence? Let them bring it!

During this time will a House REPUBLICAN majority want to start investigating Democrats for no reason? Sure! They’ve already said they would.
BUT THAT doesn’t mean that we can’t CONSTANTLY point out the huge amounts of evidence that points to probable cause that they committed CRIMINAL ACTS.

 The Republican will want to play the victim, even if they win control of the House.
They play the victim even as they harass and intimidate others. 
They will pretend that Democrats are the criminals, because they project. 

The media will both sides this, but we have the stronger story. WE HAVE HARD EVIDENCE that they committed CRIMES, whereas they lie and make shirt up!  

NOW is the time to start talking about their CRIMES. It makes for an exciting news story, now that the Horse race is almost over.

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