How the DOJ is Leveraging Trump’s BS responses.

I’m a big fan of the TV show Leverage, when the team is going after a bad guy they study them first and anticipate how they will respond. They then USE how he respond as part of the process to take him down. They also plan for contingencies. “If the mark does X then we do Y. After we do Y he will likely do Z, but he might do “C” so prepare for that too. “

We, as the viewer, are brought along in the process to a certain degree, but we don’t always see the whole story. At the end of the show, when the bad guy is caught and the victim gets some kind of justice, they show the prep they did that was off camera.

The show involves former Con men & women, thieves, hackers and muscle working with an insider, someone who understands “The system” either the corporate system or the legal & justice system. The insider’s job is to say, “Here’s how the mark got away with it before by using the system. This is how we can USE that system against them if they try it again. ”

In the latest season, Leverage: Redemption they added in the additional complexities of our modern media ecosystem.

  • Here is how this story will be played out on Social Media. Here is how we can respond.
Social Media Fakery!
  • Their clever computer security team will see us coming. This is our response.
  • Their violent physical security teams will attack us for making the Mark look bad. Our response will be X.
Are the bad guy security modeled on Proud Boys? Oath Keepers? Blackwater? You bet!
  • Their clever communications team will flip the script so the Evil Mark looks like the victim to the public & the people he ripped off are the real terrorists.

Watching the DOJ respond to Trump’s statements and his McLawyers’ legal briefs, written for the court of MAGA opinion, is like watching a long episode of Leverage. The DOJ has studied Trump. They have anticipated how he, his people and the RW media will respond to any action that they take. Then they USE that action AGAINST him.

It’s GREAT to see.

One of Steve Bannon’s most successful tactics, that fits in with Trump’s narcissism, was “Flooding the zone with s***.” The media was constantly in reaction mode. Just when they covered one criminal act, another one popped up.

During Trump’s reign the congressional committees tried to figured out how to deal with his co-conspirators delay tactics. Now have been using the strategy of getting the people around him to testify which then puts pressure on the key figures. (That and charging people for contempt for not responding to the subpoena!)

The J6 committee has shown how Democrats can be prepared for the typical responses from TFG, RW media & his MAGA social base. Right now the DOJ is making the moves that dig Trump in deeper legally. Now is another opportunity for the Democrats to use Trump’s moves to dig in Trump deeper to a specific target, The Main Stream Media who still want to believe there are good Republicans who will stand up to Trump.

The MSM always pushes Democrats to “Move toward the center!” They focus on the 3% independants that will leave Trump. That’s what the consultants say to Democrats to get more voters. “Kitchen table issues!” But pissed Democrats who ask, ‘WHY AIN’T THIS DUDE IN JAIL!” at the kitchen table.

However, the MSM can be counted on to cover more and more horrific crimes of Trump as they are revealed.
Sure Biden can talk about how gas prices are coming down, but the MSM will lead with audio of Trump calling up a witness and threatening to kill them if they talk.

Hey, what about Tony Ornato & the deleted texts?

While we are waiting for the DOJ we can start looking into OTHER crimes of TFG and his co-conspirators
What’s the deal with Tony Ornato & the Secret Service? Is that DHS inspector general gone yet? (BTW, I still want Ornato exposed and prosecuted for his role in covering up COVID infections at Tulsa, which was a deadly superspreader event.)

We know of “outrage fatigue.” Now it’s ‘where is the prosecution?” fatigue. To help I suggest we look at some SUCCESSFUL prosecution of “Boots” while we wait for prosecution of “Suits.” Hey, that J6 insurrectionist cop got 10 years in the slammer!

The area that I want to see some successful prosecution in next are people making death threats to election workers, public health officials and democratic congress members.
Any arrests there? Can the coordinated campaigns of harassment led to criminal charges of groups as well as individuals? Will the FBI start investigating threats to FBI from the MAGA crowd via social media platforms like T****h Social? (The Cincinnati shooter threatened via TS. Trump makes threats to people on TS. Anyone working on banning him?)

I LIKE the way the DOJ has planned ahead for TFG’s reactions. I liked the way the J6 committee planned ahead. I’m pointing this out because it’s a good thing. But you know me, I’m always thinking “How can I help? What I can do to amplify what CAN be done? “


I’ve recognized, as does the show Leverage, that the rich and powerful do what they want, they use the systems to protect them. The rich use money, Trump uses blackmail and threats to avoid consequences. The legal and intelligence community KNOWS what crimes he has committed, but they don’t want to expose their knowledge or involvement (UNLESS the person went against The System like Bernie Madoff ripping off rich people.)

The DOJ actions are working to pierce each of Trump’s barriers to a legal prosecution, but they are also giving us an opportunity to weaken his political support. Everytime he blows through an excuses that requires a Republican to condemn him is a good thing. Like Bill Barr destroying his pet judge’s ruling.

I want to talk about what we want in the future. Like a possible recording of Trump calling one of his insiders he think leaked the Mar-a-lago info. That recording, like the Georgia one, would show Trump admitting what he had and demonstrating his intent to obstruct justice.

Glenn Kurschner says the DOJ has a process for that witness tampering called “Recorded call back”

I don’t want to WAIT until it’s announced. I want to ASK NOW, “Did you record Trump tampering with witnesses? When can we hear it?” Of course the DOJ won’t say if it exists. But the MAGA sphere knows that he does this. They are just hoping that Trump is too clever not to get recorded doing it. HA! Imagine, one of his own people betraying him and getting him to incriminate himself. I look forward to the trial.

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