Where are the photos of a defeated Trump lunching with Biden?

Anyone else notice there are no photos of Biden with Trump since he lost the election?
Trump doesn’t want anyone to see photographic proof he was beaten by Biden & that’s he’s a loser.

I think @VP Harris should set up a lunch with Trump to show he was beaten by Biden & a woman!

One of the constructs in the mind of right wingers is the correct way to treat your defeated opponents to prove your manliness. You make them grovel. You boast. You point at them and laugh like Nelson Muntz. HA HA! I won! You lost!
It’s what CONAN the Barbarian says is best in life.

In video game parlance it’s teabagging your opponent. (I just found out that teabagging dated back to 1985 NWA World Championship wrestling which makes it even more on brand for Trumpsters. )

Trump has made it clear that he holds grudges and is vindictive. I still remember Richard Branson talking about his lunch with Trump. Apparently he spent the whole time talking about how he was going to spend the rest of his life destroying the people who didn’t help him get out of bankruptcy. (I wonder who those people are. Have they been destroyed? )

We see how DJT continues to use the GOP’s fear of crossing him.  He wants people to be afraid of what happens to them when they don’t help him or suck up to him. This strategy is still paying off for Trump post his election defeat.

Biden isn’t going to get Trump into a lunch photo op where he can grin and make him admit publicly he lost.
Biden says that we shouldn’t treat our political opponents like enemies.

For a normal political opponent that would be the right thing to do, but when your political opponent is a lawbreaking, thieving, insurrection inciting, narcissistic you need to think about other ways to deal with them.

Set up the video, present the evidence, prepare for the evasion

What I’ve noticed is that the only time DJT admits the truth is under oath during a deposition.
So that is what it is going to take in this case.

I don’t know what will be the occasion for Trump admitting he lost the election under oath, but we should be looking for it. Maybe Georgia’s Attorney General can get in a question about this during that case.
(And by we I mean voting rights activists, since the Biden administration isn’t going to do this. The national media won’t do this either. Maybe we can get some secretly recorded video, but that won’t be under oath. )

I want to make clear that the reason we need to do this is NOT to humiliate Trump, although that would be a nice side benefit, but because we must have some visual evidence from him to throw at his base.

“TRUMP admitted he lost! Here’s video proof!”

This video evidence can be used like we have been using the story of Trump being vaccinated to get his base vaccinated “Even Trump got the vaccine!”

Trump and his staff knew the power of visuals, he didn’t allow himself to get photographed getting the vaccine. Yet another case of him intentionally allowing more deaths happen.

Every day we don’t have specific examples, with video evidence, of Trump acknowledging his loss, we get multiple made up statements about the election from him to the media. Remember, Trump is not under oath talking to the media.

Anything the reporters bring up to him can be questioned. No one he talks to in the media will even pin him down with anything that is certified. Now he’s working on creating his OWN “alternative facts” to keep the doubt going that the press WILL talk to him about.

This whole process reminds me of how Trump used Obama’s birth location to constantly sow doubt about Obama’s legitimacy. Nothing was good enough for Trump, ‘That’s not the long form birth certificate! It’s different than a certificate of live birth!”

Then, when the long form was provided, people still questioned the validity of the actual document.

They developed a trick to avoid having the validity of the evidence come out of their own mouths. When asked, “Is Obama a citizen?” They responded, “I take him at his word.” That dodge allowed them to not mention their personal acceptance of the validity of the evidence and shifted the burden to the person who is giving their word.  Which can then imply uncertainty about character of the person, “Just how good is his word?”

The media falls for all this because of their need to be “fair & balanced” and a desire for good faith responses. Because it’s not a crime to lie to the media, the GOP keeps dragging this out.
You would think that after four years they would be better trained and prepared for this level of manipulation, but they keep “leaving it there” so they can return to it next week.

The media still expect Trump to follow the norms they believe in. But Trump is following norms. They just happen to be the ones that criminals & many rich & powerful people use.

We need to understand what finally gets these types of people to admit defeat. We need to understand what proof they will accept that shows that defeat.

We need to use some of the right’s own measurements to show them that their leader has lost. If we don’t, they won’t stop pretending they are still the winners.

We need to take steps to make this video evidence happen. Then we need to rub that evidence in the faces of their supporters. It’s what’s best in life.


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