COVID-19 Infected Man Attends Tulsa Trump Rally. What happens next?

What happens if someone with COVID-19 attends the Tulsa Trump rally?
Will the campaign turn over the attendee data to the Oklahoma Health Department for contact tracing?

The Trump Campaign should have mandated masks and held it outside with social distancing. But they didn’t, so now the correct procedure after news of an infection should be to alert everyone who attended.

Attendee data should be turned over to Col. Lance T. Frye, M.D. the commissioner for Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) to start contact tracing. But will it be?

1) The Trump campaign admits they have all attendee data. (Especially inside, no entry without registered ticket. )
2) It’s legal to turn over the data
— June 3, OK Attorney General Mike Hunter today advised the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) thats does not violate state or federal law, as long as individuals are not identifiable. (Link)

3)The Trump Campaign doesn’t care about the health of their followers. We know that. They care about being sued and are doing the minimum to avoid charges of gross negligence.  As shown by this tweet.

BTW, I’ve identified another source that has the legal right to attendee data. If the Trump campaign doesn’t turn over the data IMMEDIATELY, I would contact the Tulsa City Councilor, Vanessa Hall-Harper, the Tulsa State Senator, Kevin Matthews and The Tulsa State Rep. Regina Goodwin who would get this other source to turn over the attendee data to Oklahoma’s health department for contact tracing.

Tulsa Councillor Vanessa Hall-Harper

Most likely the Trump campaign will stall, the Governor will say it’s not required, the health department will say it’s impossible because the state has no funding for contact tracing and the CDC/federal government won’t help. IF THAT HAPPENS WE CAN STILL USE THOSE FAILURES and Trump’s “natural experiment” in bad science and policy to educate the public on the need for masks and epidemiologist recommended contact tracing of people exposed to COVID-19.

  • There should be a national education program for all Americans on the need to start wearing masks everywhere.
  • There should be a bipartisan law, signed by Trump, that mandates wearing masks until there is a vaccine.

I don’t think a law is going to happen, so in the meantime people on the left need to educate people and figure ways to save the lives of others on the right even if they try to kill themselves.

Infecting Trump Followers To Own The Libs

Trump’s Covid-19 Denial Team is aware of this issue and will have made up reasons to not turn over attendee data. Their reasons will be BS and will delay the process for weeks. That means more infections to innocent people who didn’t sign a waiver and didn’t give their consent to risk being infected.

Instead of wanting to help people no matter HOW or WHERE they got infected, they will deny the one to one causality of COVID 19 infections from their indoor rally. “You can’t prove they got infected at OUR rally!”

They will compare COVID 19 infections rates at George Floyd outdoor protests. “You chose to go to a protest and you were exposed to COVID-19. Why didn’t you stop protesting?” They will make false comparisons. “How would you like it if the government took the cell phone data from the protest and turned it over to the Health Department so they can alert people who have been exposed so they can start self isolating?”

(BTW, the police probably have your cell phone data from protests. They COULD use that data for public health, but will they? They are sitting on it until they get subpoenas for criminal cases and civil lawsuits on police brutality.)

“I had a mask on the whole time, but YES I’d like to know if the cops yelling at me had COVID-19!

It is insane that the Trump Campaign won’t turn over attendee info to its own health agencies or red state health department agencies even it it could SAVE THE LIVES OF THEIR FOLLOWERS! However, they WILL give that data to anyone that wants to sell Trump supporters MAGA hats.

Yes, saving the lives of Trump supporters are in our own self interest, since they can infect us too. But we should do it even without earning self-interest points. We must bear their mockery when they call our life saving mask wearing  “virtue signalling.”  We do it because it’s the right thing to do. It’s what patriotic citizens of the United States of America do.

I’m going to quote philosopher T.M. Scanlon’s book title featured in the NBC hit show ‘The Good Place, We will do all these things because it’s part of What We Owe to Each Other.

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