GOP Response to Trump’s Tear Gassing Photo Op, “I’m late for lunch.”

Every wonder what Republicans say when asked about Trump’s horrible actions? This thread has multiple examples.
From Kasie Hunt @NBCNews Capitol Hill Correspondent.

Elected politicians know how to dodge questions from reporters. There are trained in multiple techniques. Constituents who challenge them sometimes can get a different response, but most politician know how to give non-answers. And the press accept it without digging.

Some politicians will try to look like they care while supporting Trump. Others are all in on Trump’s “dominance.” We know who those Republicans are and they are expected to give a quote to support Trump.

But we often read about Republicans that say bad things about Trump in private but the press won’t identify them. This gives the politician the best of both worlds, they get to look concerned to the press, but still look like a public lackey to Trump.

It’s time to blow the cover on some of these people. But access journalists aren’t going to do it. My recommendation?

Regular citizens should listen to Q&A’s from Republicans during Town Halls & local COVID-19 press conferences. Sometimes a Republican will slip up and attack the President. When we find these examples we need to show them combined with actions against Trump. I don’t care if Ben Sasse (R) says he’s “troubled” by something Trump did, he votes with Trump almost all the time.

“But Spocko,” you may ask, “Why look for quotes from Republicans attacking Trump? It might help them get re-elected!” My answer?  Look for Republicans who aren’t running again in the fall. (here’s a link to all of them.) 
These are the people to focus on. Many of these legislators are waiting to come back after Trump is defeated so they can come out as “the real Republican party.” Give them a chance to earn some real, “I spoke out against Trump during the bad times” now, while they are still in congress. Otherwise they will get to go on the Sunday morning shows and say how bad President Biden is doing at “healing the nation” without every having to speak out and acted when they had the chance.

Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) speaks with reporters ahead of the weekly policy luncheons on Capitol Hill in Washington, July 24, 2018. Aaron P. Bernstein | Reuters

Sen. Mike Enzi emerges from a meeting with fellow Republicans at the Capitol on Tuesday. | J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo

Now who is available to talk after lunch?

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