Blue Lives don’t matter to anti-lockdown protester

Remember this photo? He’s not a neo-Nazi from LA. He’s a 52 year old flooring installer from New Hudson, Michigan. His name is Brian Cash and he’s a piece of work. From Detroit Free Press

Brian Cash, New Hudson Michigan April 30 Lansing State Capitol (Photo: JEFF KOWALSKY, AFP via Getty Images)

“Cash: He is not concerned about the virus (“Not at all”); he doesn’t believe masks protect people and won’t wear one (“Ever”); he doesn’t agree with the stay home order because people are still going to stores, pharmacies and gas stations anyway (“So what is the point of staying at home?”); he believes the virus was intentionally released by the Chinese government, and he said he had never voted before the 2016 election (“Because f*ck the government, you know?”).

These anti-lockdown protesters don’t care about their lives or the lives of others. And others exposed to Brian Cash SHOULD be concerned about him.  Here’s some sick irony, he installs floors for the state health department!


[Cash] has been working for The Boji Group, on ongoing construction projects at state health department locations.

Now If I was the general contractor on those construction projects, I would immediately contact the people at the site Cash is working at. Has Cash been working there since the protest? Has he been tested? If I was a worker on that project I would DEMAND to be tested. because of Cash’s recklessness life their lives and the lives of their family were put in danger. I would also demand the state to stop using “extreme discretion” on protesters and start arresting them because there is a GD epidemic going on and we know whose spreading it.

We don’t know where all the other people in this photo went. It’s time to contact the state senators (link) and representatives (link) and demand the police stop letting people like Cash violate the emergency orders.

When Cash shows up again and violates the law, he should be arrested and isolated. There is no need to put him in prison where he could expose others to the deadly virus COVID19 if he has it (or be exposed to those in prison who already are infected.) Other states have dealt with this problem, in Kentucky the police can put an ankle bracelet on a guy like Cash.

Unlike Dr. Birx, I not going to wait until people like Cash experience “an unfortunate outcome”  and then “feel guilty for the rest of their lives.”  Because he thinks potentially spreading a deadly virus is fun.

Cash said he plans to attend more protests in Lansing and he likes the national attention they have garnered.

“I love it,” he said. “We got the ball rolling.”

Maybe more attention should be focused on the police in that photo. Do they have families? They probably know the story 5-year old Skylar Herbert. Her dad is a firefighter, her mom is a police officer. She died April 5th. She is the youngest person to have died of the virus in Michigan–so far.

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