What’s the penalty for a viral assault on a police officer ?

Are these unmasked men infected with COVID19? We don’t know, no one was tested.  If they were, screaming in the face of the police poses a threat to the officer and the community.  When we look at Michigan law we see that whether or not they are infected these men CAN be cited for breaking MCL 10.33 & MCL 30.405(3). That’s a misdemeanor. However no one was cited.

Historically people have been prosecuted for willfully spreading a deadly virus.

In Michigan until last year, a person living with HIV could face a felony up to 4 years in prison for not disclosing their HIV status prior to any type of sexual penetration. That sentence has since been reduced.

“The amended law removes those living with HIV who are on treatment and virally suppressed-posing no risk of transmitting HIV-from being subject to prosecution”.

For PLHIV who are not on treatment and not virally suppressed, it remains a felony if they do not disclose and do transmit HIV sexually. If they do not disclose and do not transmit, the penalty has been reduced to a misdemeanor in the amended statute. Any person with a “specific intent” to infect another person also remains subject to prosecution. (Link)

Unlike HIV there are no effective treatments for COVID19. There is no way to suppress the virus with a drug treatment.

The man in the photo broke the law.

“Under executive order, protests are allowed to continue but crowds must keep a six-foot distance from those outside of their immediate household or risk a misdemeanor charge.”

Again, we don’t know if these men had COVID19. There was no testing. We might not even know who they are since  there were no citations given.  Let’s say they were identified and are positive for COVID. Contact tracing would need to inform the officer he had been exposed. He and his family are at risk. He and his family could die.  Do the protesters care? Are they #bluelifematters people?

People could legally carry guns to that protest in Michigan, but the threat from those men didn’t just come from the barrels of their guns but from the viruses in their lungs.


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