Who are you arguing with today? Fight the real enemy.

When Warren dropped out it became the cue for the Biden vs. Sanders fight to begin.

The media LOVE a two person fight. The main stream media can do horse races and “Dems in Disarray!” stories.

The cable news can dig into the numbers of voters and delegates by percentage points and demographic and go back to 2016 numbers. (I watched Rachel Maddow question Bernie on specific numbers of voter percentages by demographics on Super Tuesday vs. 2016 for an hour last night.)

The right-wing media love to see democratic candidates fight each other and will hype old fights and emphasize new ones. They use the classic. “Let’s you and him fight.
When I see this happening my first impulse is to ask three questions,


Trump, the GOP establishment, Russia’s propaganda social media machine and Right Wing media.

2)  What can we do to weaken THOSE people and groups?

Demand reinvigorated investigations into Trump’s crimes. 

We have seen the democratic establishment slow down on investigating Trump’s crimes. They are giving a number of reasons like, “The conviction didn’t work.” or “The public has investigation fatigue.”  Some are giving the reason that the right wing uses to stop the investigation, “Let the public decide in the election.”

The election is MONTHS away. Trump is using EVERYTHING to slow and stop information from getting out.  We can’t let old norms of letting information about criminal behavior be held up until after the election because of the potential to bias the voters.

Pushing hard on investigation now is important because the main stream media has bought into the right wing narrative and will be holding up info using the, “We can’t reveal new information this close to the election it might bias the voters!” We can’t let that happen.

3) Who is our true enemy? 
One of the things we know is that it is easier to fight with people who are around us. Fighting with friends and family members can be especially brutal because they know us and know how to push our buttons. Lots of people don’t like conflict, especially if it involves people they love, and it is harder to take conflict with them verse people we hate or don’t care about.

Most people on the left aren’t going to go out and start arguing with supporters of Trump. They have already removed them from their Facebook feed. They don’t talk politics with them. So people go after the people that they see day to day.

To those people I want to say, when you start you discussion about one candidate vs. another stop and think, “Who can I attack on the right?” What group wants any Democratic candidate fail? What can I do now to weaken the right? Then make it specific action.

What action can I take TODAY to weaken the right instead of attacking my friends on the left?

Final Reminder:
 It will be easier to
beat Trump
if he’s not the President.


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