Where is the exculpatory evidence for Trump’s crimes?

Anything that clears someone or something of guilt or blame is exculpatory. Exculpatory comes from the Latin word exculpat, meaning “freed from blame.” The verb exculpate means to free from guilt or blame.

Pelosi defined exculpatory evidence for Trump, so why doesn’t he provide it?





More incriminating evidence of Trump’s crimes can keep coming in every day. So can evidence that would show his innocence.  If Trump had exculpatory evidence he would bring it. If he had witnesses to clear him of guilt he would let them testify. He hasn’t. Instead he has had his legal team block potential sources of additional incriminating evidence and witnesses instead of looking for exculpatory evidence and witnesses.

This should cheer up people who worry about how the Senate will vote about Trump’s impeachment.

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