Thanksgiving 2018 Prediction: Conservative Relatives Will Ask For Forgiveness From Liberals

November 11, 2018 –  Following the huge loses in this year’s midterms by conservative Republicans, Thanksgiving dinners in homes across the country will be different. Based on new quantum predictive research, conservative relatives will be asking for forgiveness from liberal relatives.  In addition to apologizing for their misguided anger at democratic politicians, they will be asking questions to better understand their progressive relatives.

Conservative Uncle Jeff will be apologizing to his niece Joan for his previous attacks on liberals and Democratic politicians at Thanksgiving 2018

This radical change in behavior is based on new quantum predictive research from the Center for Family Political Response at the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople,

“The change will be stunning. The time of “doubling down” on hate, racism, sexism and bigotry by conservatives is over.” said Dr. Art Foneman, associate professor in clinical political science.

The surprising thing is that the change in attitude and language will be coming from conservative media!  Scientific research has shown that conservative media is the most powerful driver of attitudes and behaviors on the right. In the past when conservatives lost elections conservative media revved up the division and ran stories attacking the Democratic politician winners. When conservatives won elections they continued to attack and turned political opponents into enemies.  In addition, when Donald Trump won in 2016 his “sore winner” attitude led to full-time attacks of the left by the right instead of a transition to governing, as was the norm.

But this year, right-wing radio and TV hosts told their listeners to act differently at Thanksgiving.”

On November 14, 2018  Sean Hannity will say,
“Look, we lost in the midterms fair and square. This Thanksgiving we need to ask for forgiveness for our attacks on liberals. They were right on so many things. It’s time for us to listen to them. As a senior advisor to President Trump I’ve asked him to do the same.”
 Right wing radio host Mark Levin will say on November 15, 2018
“After my last heart attack I had a Lee Atwater epiphany. What I have been saying is horrible. Sean calls me, ‘The great one.’ but my new denouncement of the politics of hate and division from the right is my only great act. Everyone listening to me, if you ever attacked someone for their progressive ideas or called for universal healthcare apologize to them. They were right. You were wrong, because you listened to me, and I was wrong.”
 Dr. Foneman noted that stories about harmony at Thanksgiving stories are usually directed at liberals. Stories in the mainstream media and center left cable news shows for decades counseled Democrat winners to be bipartisan in close races and in huge wins. However, the suggestions from center-left cable news shows will be different this year.

Chris Matthews of Hardball will say on November 13, 2018,

“I’ve finally realized that my desire for comity and ‘Tip and Ronnie having drinks after work’ has hurt the country. It gave the radical Republicans cover and an excuse for centrist Democrats to avoid removing the radical Republicans.  I won’t be calling for bipartisanship from the Democrats.  The Democrats don’t need to move to the right. The Republicans need to move to the left. Nobody needs to move farther to the right, because that’s full-blown fascist.” 

Political experts say this has been a long time coming. Michal Spocko, fifth tier blogger at Spocko’s Brain will say on November 16, 2018

“I never understood why it was the common wisdom that win or lose Democrats are supposed to move to the right. Why was it always up to the left to reach out to the right? I guess it took a massive loss by the Republicans followed by the stunning revelations of the Mueller probe to make a change, but I don’t expect it to last.

In what universe would right-wing media types apologize for their belligerent attacks on liberals? I mean they should, but that will only happen if they pay a price for being wrong, cruel, dangerous and unprofitable to someone. Even after the stunning losses by hardline conservative republicans it’s hard for me to image the mainstream media will stop demanding the Democrats reach out to a corrupt and cruel Republican party politicians. It’s just baked into their thinking, like their “both sides” stories.  Plus, this whole quantum predictive research sounds like it was based on feeding reruns of the West Wing and Madam Secretary into a computer without telling it that it’s fiction. But what do I know? I have less than 1,600 twitter followers.”

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