9 Ways You Can Help Stop Kavanaugh’s Appointment

One of the things I know about fighting people and organizations with real power is the need to have multiple strategies and tactics working at the same time.

The reason is that you can’t count on just a single angle to work. The other size isn’t stupid. They know how to fight back. What looked like a sure thing can be destroyed in ways you don’t expect.

We must keep using multiple tactics. I tell people to look at their own skill sets and think, “How can I help in a way that is unique to me?”  

Here are some groups of people with areas they can help:

1) Lawyers: What kind of lawsuits can be filed? Were there laws broken people should know about?
2) Journalists: What investigation angle can you do?
3) Politicians: What does it take to start impeachment hearings?
4) Accountants: Is there a financial angle to expose that people should know about?
5) Activists: Is there something new for the media to see?
6) Researchers: What hard evidence can  you bring to investigators?
7) Law enforcement: Do you have records of arrests you have that others don’t know about?

Good strategies allow your tactical moves to build on each other. It’s true that some tactics help and others hurt. But we have to use multiple tactics because it’s hard to know which will work.

“But I’m not anyone special Spocko, I’m just a regular Jane or Joe.” Then ask yourself:
8) Do I have access to information that others don’t?
9) Do I have a skill or position that will allow others to be more effective?

Here are two examples for regular folks like you:
Let’s say, for example you work in HR, payroll or IT for a retail store. What can you do? Remember when Dr. Ford wanted to know when Mark Judge worked at Safeway? Maybe your retail store is Safeway! This weekend you can be ready to provide the FBI with Mark Judge’s official employment records AND do it in a way that follows all the corporate HR guidelines to the letter so it is official hard copy evidence.

Did you live in the area in question and had a camera in 1982?  Maybe you took photos of a group of boys and girls posing together in 1982 who say now they don’t know each other. Check your files!

I was a photographer for my yearbook. I have hundreds of photos that I developed but never published. Maybe the people who worked on the yearbooks in and around the area have photos for the FBI. (Here is a link to contact them.) Or contact the media. Check your files!

From FBI New Employee page. Note the sign in the background.

A quick word of caution.There will be evidence that looks like it will help Dr. Ford, and it will turn out to be faked. 

One of the techniques of propaganda and “fake news” is to put out something that LOOKS like the perfect thing you want to see. People will forward it everywhere, then it will be shown as fake.  Remember the “kerning” of the letter about George W Bush from the Texas Air National Guard?

During the Bush-era people knew that real evidence existed, so they put out the evidence in a way that would discredit where it came from and the person who brought it forth. They has use a sophisticated technique that combines fake evidence with real evidence to discredit everything. “If this part is fake, how can I trust all the other parts?”

Don’t get suckered. ALWAYS ask for a full and complete investigation before you trust something. 

  • Think like a good journalist. “Are there multiple sources?”
  • Think like a good prosecutor. “What is the credibility of the witness?”
  • Think like a good cop. “Is there a chain of custody of the evidence?”

Keep working on this. You never know which one of the snowflakes will be the one that breaks the tree branch, but if the snow stops the bough might never break.

Go snowflakes!


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