For KPLC TV reporters on your last shooting, before your next

Just spotted your most recent shooting. This alert is for if you do  a follow-up on last week’s shooting of Gage Meche at Moss Bluff Elementary.

1) Gage had to go back to surgery yesterday (5/23/17) (Info from his Facebook recovery page)

2) There is a now a GoFundMe page for him.
During my research I found some things that might be interesting to you:
  •  Dwight grew up in Moss Bluff and worked as General Counsel in the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Department  (In my piece I highlighted the DA’s and sheriff’s activist pro-gun views after the shooting.)
  • Michael L. Dugas, the gun owner, was released on a $5,000 bond because the negligent injuring and improper supervision of a minor are only misdemeanors  (link)

Nobody has asked your state representative ​ Dwight if he will do anything about this shooting.

 Maybe you should ask him what his plans are following this one, before the next.

He should at least have an opinion or comment because of these relevant facts.

  1. He worked in the Sheriff’s office
  2. He is a lawyer who must know the DA
  3. His wife works at Moss Bluff Elementary
  4. He can now propose laws to make changes

The state determines the level of charges available to the DA. Dwight could propose harsher penalties for negligent storage of firearms, or he could forge new ground and propose gun laws that protect children and require financial responsibility of gun owners for accidents. Laws could include

  • Mandatory safe storage of guns
  • Mandatory safety locks on guns
  • Mandatory liability insurance for gun owners to pay for medical bills of people injured in gun accidents
He could also do nothing.
When you report the status of the children who are shot you often mention where to donate money. You might want to consider reporting who could have the power to ensure there is health care and money to pay for children recovering from gunshots.

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