Why I don’t rub Trump voters’ noses in his failures

Great cartoon. Is this really how the conversations go? I don’t think so. Most folks on the left don’t get a kick out of baiting the right and rubbing their noses in their electoral choices.

Why is that?

I could seek out Trump voters and rub their faces in his failures. Why don’t I?

The right does. It’s fun for them.

“I don’t want or need government help! Repeal Obamacare! I don’t need it. I pulled myself up from my own bootstraps!” (They pull themselves up from their bootstraps so hard I’m surprised they don’t fly around the room!)

I could go into “rubbing it in mode,” by pointing out all the government help they get. I could “win” the conversation.

If I wanted to, I could even do it in front of others. I could humiliate them, crush them. I could make them angry and sputtery.

“But, but, Benghazi… Hillary, Benghazi! …”

But why stop at making them sputter? Why not keep crushing them?

When Trump’s actions hurt them or their family, I could bring it up. Force them to acknowledge it.

I’m not going to convert them, so why not mock them? If THEY were in my shoes, that is what they would do. In fact, that IS what they do!

But, I don’t. Because it isn’t really fun to punch down — with most people. However… sometimes it is appropriate, but just be prepared for their backlash. When some RWNJs feel humiliated, they kill people.

Can you imagine anyone who, if they feel they are being disrespected, react by killing people? What kind of person, when it’s proven that they made a mistake, an error in judgement in selecting someone, blames everyone but themselves, and then lashes out at others?

I’m not interesting “winning” conversations with people who “double down” on mistakes rather than admit them and make changes.

So I go around them, and focus on defeating the people who they voted for. I focus on defunding the people whose words and actions make America less safe, less honorable and more divisive.

Then I check in with Trump voters.

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