Good news on the health insurance front!

The stock prices for all these health insurance companies are up since they met with Trump.  Thanks Republicans!

We hear so many tragic stories about people who will go bankrupt and/or die because of the repeal of the ACA, and its  pathetic replacement, that I thought Americans would want some good news about health care insurance.
The stock price of every single publicly traded health insurance company represented in this photo has gone up since this photo* was taken on February 27, 2017!
Humana. Was 207 now 217 UP $9
Cigna. Was 149 now 152 UP $3
UnitedHealth. Was 165 now 168 UP $3
Aetna. Was 129 now 132 UP $3
Anthem. Was 164 now 166 UP $2
Things are looking up! 
 On Vulcan we have a phrase that roughly translates to “Who benefits?”
To understand who Trump and Republicans actually listen to, work backwards from the question, “Who benefits?”
To determine what will happen next, look forward into what the men in this photo say they want every quarter on their financial conference calls.

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