Not all White Men are Bad, But I Will Fight The Ones Who Are

 I’m not embarrassed to be a white male. I’m a good man. I feel sorry for men who feel so fragile and have been so screwed by white men and women in power that they grasp at the straws offered by Trump.

Women and feminism have been great for me and I’m happy to be alive during this time.

The men who reject strong, smart women are fearful and weak. They represent the worst of manhood.

I will stay a strong male progressive. I will not go backwards in my views on equality.
I will not backdown to bullies.
I will fight them and hurt them in the ways I know how – – financially, intellectually, and mortally.

They will not get the love they crave because they have rejected women.

They have rejected intellect and morality and they will pay the price. Not from me, but from all the intelligent and moral people out there.

I am Spocko and I will Live Long And Prosper here in the USA. I’m not going away back to my logical,  liberal planet.  I’m staying here to fight for the gains we have made.

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