TPP: The giant puking sound in your house

I’m sure you have all called or contacted your congress person about TPP. But if this passes and the hidden top secret crap that is included happens, it’s going to mean tens of thousands of Americans getting sick from imported seafood and beef. 100’s will die because of agreements to “harmonize” food safety rules.

But by then it will be too late.

We owe a great deal to the people who leaked some TPP text, but they never released the text about food safety changes. How insane is it that even our elected officials have to rely on Wikileaks to know what was in this twisted scheme? That’s messed up.

After I created the video above I made another one focusing on food safety, but didn’t use it because I couldn’t confirm what was in the text regarding food safety. And that is exactly what the the trade negotiators wanted.

Secrecy keeps the Mainstream Media from hammering on deal specifics. They say,”We can only quote from official sources.” meanwhile everything moves forward under cover of corporate darkness.

Early on I contacted someone at Politico covering the TPP to discuss the food safety part of this “trade” scheme. The ag deals sections are huge, including massive sales of antibiotics for animals, something big Pharma loves.  I had some relevant info to give her, but I couldn’t provide any experts to validate the data.  The experts who had seen the data wouldn’t confirm because they could get in trouble.  Dead end.  From the media’s point of view why go to the US Trade Rep for comment when you know they won’t say anything about  “rumors” or “speculation” in the text they won’t let anyone see?

If people knew China could start transshipping food to America via Malaysia and Vietnam with NO USDA or FDA inspections, people would be pissed. These countries have terrible track records for food safety, especially seafood.The slim protections that the USDA and FDA provide on imported food needs to be increased, not removed.

But pissed people aren’t enough in the face of corporate profits. It will take the right number of sick or dead white kids to get people to notice. I don’t want that to happen here. If it does, well I guess the “free market will have spoken” in the form of children with food poisoning screaming in pain and parents shouting at investors who couldn’t stand to have their profits reduced to comply with some silly 19th century food inspection regulations and laws.

NAFTA was a giant sucking sound to the south. TPP might be the giant puking sound in your house.

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