Organizing, Activism and Zombies from ACORN with Greg Basta, New York Communities for Change


I had a great conversation with Greg Basta, Deputy director of New York Communities for Change  on Virtually Speaking Tuesdays. My buddy Mike Stark had some official business to deal with so Greg came on as my guest. We talked about the role of organizing and long established non-profits with Occupy Wall Street, how effective activism doesn’t always get good media coverage and good media coverage doesn’t always mean effective activism.

We also discussed how to better link the effective activism with good media coverage.

It was interesting to hear how the OWS people and the NYCC, Unions and other non-profits worked together on great projects like Occupy the Boardroom.  (Soon to be a major motion picture, or a book, I forget which)

Here are the two great videos I mentioned. Mimi Pierre Johnson, an NYCC member, reading her letter at Chase about her foreclosure. Love the video work on this video.

Here’s Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at Zuccotti, and then at OTBR. Very funny watch all the way to the end for a great scene with Triumph and the Bull on Wall Street






And here’s the show!

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