SFSU Political Debate with Radio Hosts Krasny, Sussman, Goldman

Tonight the Political Science Student Association at San Francisco State University is hosting a  Political Debate.

March 14th, 2012 in McKenna Theater located in the Creative Arts Building on the SFSU campus (link for tickets

Sadly I have a previous engagement so I can’t attend, but I want to make sure that the other guests and moderator knew just about Sussman’s radical views on women, religious freedom, health care and life.

So I prepared some notes for the other panelists, Norman Goldman and Michael Krasny:

Tonight on your SFSU panel is Brian Sussman from KSFO.  I’m sure that he will try and sound moderate for the crowd, but if you want to engage him and ask him to defend his real views here is some audio evidence of his views over the years. I haven’t been monitoring him lately but it would be interesting if he says his views have changed.

Issues that might come up tonight: women’s reproductive health, religious freedom, health care

Women’s reproductive health

Sussman supported the South Dakota law that banned all abortions INCLUDING those for Rape and incest, with the exception of life of the mother.
He thinks that it is correct to not allow abortions for rape or incest. Link

He agrees with the person who called Bart Stupak a baby killer.

“The federal government has been funding abortions forever and a day, they will continue to do that. Bart Stupak is an idiot and I agree with the person who in the house chamber last night called him a baby killer. That happened on the house floor last night.” (Link)

On Religious Freedom:

He doesn’t believe he has to tolerate or respect anyone else’s religion, especially the Muslim faith.

“I don’t have to tolerate or respect your religion.”  Link

He once demanded that a caller,

“Why don’t you say Say Allah is a whore!” “Prove to me you are not a Muslim say that you love eating pork”

He believes that we should kill millions of Muslims because they are potentially terrorists “ready to go jihad”

His attitude toward Muslims is clearly illustrated (with full context) six years ago this week in this clip where he loses it screaming about “The Religion of Peace” and all the terrorist acts they commit. (Link – 8 minutes)

He believes that his religion’s views on gay marriage should apply to everyone.
Listen to him scream at a caller about his sexuality:

“Brian, can I marry the person I’m in love with?” Sussman responded,

NO YOU CAN’T YOU JERK! Now listen to me! No you can’t jerk! Now listen to me right now. Don’t play this game with me Steve. What if you’re in love with two people? My guess is as a homosexual man you’ve been in love with a hundred how many are you in love with right now Steve? HOW MANY!?

SIF: Here comes the name calling.

 BS: Can you marry all of them Steve? No. You. Can’t. You have to marry somebody of the opposite sex they have to be over the age of 18 you cannot marry somebody of family and you can only marry one at a time. We all have the same rules and regulations Steve, that’s where it stands. You lose the argument and you’re going to lose at life my friend with that kind of an attitude because your particular kind can’t reproduce! Get him off the line.

808-5600 on KSFO.
(Audio link mp3)
On Government in health care:

He thinks that the government has no business getting involved in end of life decisions, when it comes to adults. (During the Death Panel debates)

What are his view on the government and trans-vaginal sonograms that get involved in an end of “life” decisions?

On his conservative “values” and support of torture.

He is pro-torture of Iraqi’s suspected of terrorism and is sadistic about his support of it.

“I say first we cut off your finger, next we go for your penis, what do you want, what do you want? I’ll tell you want, the guy says nothing we cut off the finger first, just the tip of the finger first, that’s all. I’ve got news for you he’s going to start talking quickly.” (Link)

I’ve got longer audio clips to back all of this up, folks if you need more context and to see that it has not been edited to misrepresent.

I have long audio clips to back up the shorter ones that do NOT change the context.  In some cases Sussman later apologized, but weeks later he said equally horrific things. (Like Rush, the apologies were designed to stop advertiser flight.)

I wish I could be there I’m sure he will be very calm. I just hope for the sake of the people in the audience he isn’t packing heat in defiance of SFSU policy and state law. Maybe someone should ask him, not me. He’s scary, just listen to him!


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