Why we should name the unashamed at Trump rallies

When Trump mocked Dr. Ford at a rally I watched the video of the people behind him smiling, laughing and clapping. My first thought was, “Name ’em and shame ’em!” But as many pointed out to me, “These people HAVE no shame!”  So is naming the unashamed at Trump rallies a useless activity? No, and I’ll Vulcansplain why.

Who is 1) Gold Tie Guy? 2) Tan Hat Guy? 3) Grinning Glasses Guy?

These people chose to attend the rally.  They volunteered to stand behind Trump. They are the opposite of ashamed, they are proud to be on national TV showing their support for Trump as he mocked Dr. Ford. It was an honor.  

Who is 4) Mutton Chop Guy? 5) Beaded Laughing Guy 6) Red Hat Logo Guy 7) Happy Mocking Woman

People suggest name and shame, because they know it would work on them if they said something considered shameful by themselves, their friends and family.

If you showed a video of me laughing, clapping and cheering for Trump as he mocked Dr. Ford, my family, friends and clients would be shocked. Someone would ask me, “What the what!? Is that Spocko’s brain tumor talking?”

My activist friends would ask, “A new deep cover action?” My close personal friend George Soros would call and ask “What’s wrong with you Spocko?” Then he would thank me for volunteering my services. That is what my friends, family and business associates would do based on who they are and what they believe is shameful.  In this case we have shared beliefs. They also know from my writing and activism that this behaviour would be out of character.

But the people at the Trump rally like what Trump is saying. You can tell by the looks on their faces right after he talks and their applause. (I’ve circled them in the video when they started smiling, laughing and applauding. )

If we found them and asked, ‘Is this you in the photo?” they wouldn’t run away from it, they would embrace it.

We need to remember that laughing as Trump mocked Dr. Ford is viewed as a good thing. In their circles it won them approval and gained them social status. It might have made them and their associates money. It might even lead to votes in an upcoming election.

These events are supposed to support local politicians, so there will be lots of Trump supporting Republican politicians at them. This is where your local knowledge and the media’s need to identify prominent people can come in handy. For example, here is a tweet from Chris Dunker of the Lincoln Star Journal at the Trump rally in Council Bluffs Iowa.

That photo was useful now you can see from this video footage of  that Nebraska state senator Steve Halloran is chanting along with the crowd, “Lock her up.” referring to Senator Dianne Feinstein following Trump’s accusation that she leaked the memo about Dr. Ford’s allegations of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh.

But Why Name Them Now?
Each new Trump rally is an opportunity to identify more people who are proud supporters of what Trump says. After Plaid Shirt Guy was spotted making faces after the rally, the Trump advance team only puts real supporters behind him. Now is the time to name them.

Where will these Trump supporters be next? Here a link to the complete list. Don’t forget to buy some merch!

Missoula, Montana
Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mesa, Arizona
Friday, October 19, 2018

Elko, Nevada
Saturday October 20, 2018

Houston, Texas
Monday , October 22, 2018

Prepare The Neck Millstones For The Trump Crash 

I’ve worked with brand managers for major corporations who sponsored athletes and movie stars. When a celebrity athlete or performer says or does something that is considered horrible by the company, they often drop sponsorship. Even if that celebrity made them millions of dollars. Words can sometimes be clarified or “walked back” but no amount of Jello pudding pops sales excuse maintaining support for a convicted rapist.

This is especially the case when the words or actions of a person they sponsor are not in line with what the company stated they stand for. That said, I’ve learned that not everyone has the same values! Surprise!

There are employers, clients and sponsors who say, “Yes! Way to go Gold Tie Guy! Laughing and applauding Trump while he mocks Dr. Ford is in line with our values.”

I want to make clear that Gold Tie Guy and the rest are all free to express their political views. It’s their right. This is America. I’m also not the government and I won’t pass any law limiting your right to freedom of speech.  Also lots of people support politicians who have views and policies they don’t agree with. Their friends, family, employers or clients are probably aware of their political support for Trump. What they might not be aware of  is the very specific support they gave to Trump as he mocked Dr. Ford.

So if it’s his right, and his friends, family, employers or clients are aware and are fine with it, why go about identifying them now? Because soon Trump and the views he exposed will experience a huge setback. Then they will go into denial mode. But the video of them supporting morally repugnant views will continue to exist.  

The illegal, immoral and traitorous actions leading to Trump’s and the GOP’s wins will be revealed.  That will trigger the denials, “Trump? I don’t agree with a lot of what he says but….” That is when you bring out the video of them at the rally applauding Trump as he mocked Dr. Ford.

Doubling Down On A Loser, Lose Twice As Much!

I believe in people’s ability to change and grow in both wisdom and compassion. I also know some people chose not to change. They see empathy is a weakness. Compassion is for losers. They see “doubling down” on a losing hand over and over as a smart move because they don’t know statistics.

However, following a November win I expect people giving advice on Thanksgiving family gatherings to tell us to refrain from “rubbing salt in the wounds” of conservative family members who supported Trump and his views.  At that time, if conservatives reach out to us, we should be open to hearing from them.

But it’s a different for people who knowingly chose to celebrate the mocking, lying, cheating, bullying and law breaking of Trump and the GOP.  They believed that nothing mattered on the way to a “win.”

They trumpeted their support of cruelty on national TV.  They hitched their wagon to a dark star that will be crashing to earth. The need to feel the heat or they will never learn.

Banksy Does To His Painting What GOP Does To Our Constitution


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. “The urge to destroy is also a creative urge” – Picasso

A post shared by Banksy (@banksy) on Oct 6, 2018 at 10:09am PDT

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9 Ways You Can Help Stop Kavanaugh’s Appointment

One of the things I know about fighting people and organizations with real power is the need to have multiple strategies and tactics working at the same time.

The reason is that you can’t count on just a single angle to work. The other size isn’t stupid. They know how to fight back. What looked like a sure thing can be destroyed in ways you don’t expect.

We must keep using multiple tactics. I tell people to look at their own skill sets and think, “How can I help in a way that is unique to me?”  

Here are some groups of people with areas they can help:

1) Lawyers: What kind of lawsuits can be filed? Were there laws broken people should know about? 2) Journalists: What investigation angle can you do? 3) Politicians: What does it take to start impeachment hearings? 4) Accountants: Is there a financial angle to expose that people should know about? 5) Activists: Is there something new for the media to see? 6) Researchers: What hard evidence can  you bring to investigators? 7) Law enforcement: Do you have records of arrests you have that others don’t know about?

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Sen. Hirono: FBI Should Investigate Death Threats to Dr. Ford As Witness Tampering

On Rachel Maddow on Wednesday Senator Hirono of Hawaii called out the death threats and intimidation of Dr. Ford as witness tampering and said the FBI should “do its job” and investigate.

Since July Senator Feinstein’s office honored Dr. Ford’s wishes to remain anonymous. But then the press found out who Dr. Ford was so she identified herself publicly. At that point Senator Feinstein’s obligation to keep her identity secret was dropped. However, as a constituent of Feinstein, an American citizen, and a key witness in an important government decision, Feinstein still has an obligation to Dr. Ford to protect her and defend her rights. 

Feinstein’s office should have been prepared for the attacks on Dr. Ford and had a plan. There should have been a physical protection plan, a law enforcement plan, a secure communication plan, a media plan and a social media plan. But it looks like Feinstein’s office left it all up to Dr. Ford and her people. The good news is that they aren’t clueless, Lawrence O’Donnell has been praising their work all week.  Also, my new favorite Senator, Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, has publicly called for the FBI to investigate the witness tampering.   

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The Good Reason The Framers Had Estate Taxes

I’m watching Altered Carbon on Netflix. I remember loving the first book but not why. Watching the show now I see some of the themes that the author was dealing with that I loved.

How the inequality of wealth and power changes people. As technology changes we need to guard against the concentration of wealth and power that the Framers of the Constitution saw as destructive. In the case of the show, the wealth and power concentration comes in the form of life extension for the richest.


In one episode, the leader of the resistance talked about how the life extension tech, “stacks,” would create “a new class of people so wealthy and powerful they answer to no one and cannot die.” 

“Death was the ultimate safeguard against the darkest angels of our nature. Now the monsters among us will own everything, consume everything, control everything.”


The show also has a part where the son of an ultra rich, long-living “Methuselah” or “Meth” commits crimes because he wants his father’s respect. Hmmm, sound like anyone we know?

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Tales From The Border: An Interview With An Asylum Seeker

Border Agent: So his first name is Hey-Zeus. How do you spell that?

Middle initial? What does “H” stand for? Could you spell that?

Last name? Spelling?

Look Lady, if you don’t want us to lose your kid, tell us his real name and yours too. “The Virgin Mary” seems like a fake name.

Father’s name?

That’s not what I have. I’ve got Joseph T. Carpenter. Oh, the husband’s not the Father. Got it.

What happened, did He Ghost on you? Okay, so eh, who’s the baby daddy?

Could you spell that? YHWH? No vowels? Is that some kind of Middle Eastern name? What do you mean you don’t know?

Look Lady, if this kid was born in [checks paperwork] Bethlehem, which is [checks Wikipedia] in PALESTINE, that sounds pretty goddammed Middle Eastern to me.

If the Baby Daddy’s Palestinian we need to know. We might have to deport Him. He might be a terrorist.

Does the Baby Daddy live in Palestine or does He reside in the United States? He’s in the heart? You mean the heartland? Like Nebraska?

Mary, you are making this process very difficult. I don’t know what you are afraid of. If the Father . . . → Read More: Tales From The Border: An Interview With An Asylum Seeker

Come on folks, Uncle Buck up!

Today’s announcement about Kennedy retiring was rough. But it gives us yet another reason to work hard to make changes. First an inspirational speech from one of my favorite coaches.

Then, something to be inspired by. Watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez React to Winning Democratic Primary

John Candy was the best coach. He was a great exercise coach. I still remember working out to The Johnny LaRue Exercise show on SCTV. Check it out.

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The SWATTING of Hogg, Kasky and Chadwick is a crime of violence

Following the SWATTING of the Parkland students Hogg, Kasky and Chadwick I was expecting to read about lots of democratic politicians condemning the SWATTING and pointing out that these are not “pranks” or “hoaxes” but dangerous acts that have led to deaths and need to be addressed as such.

What I found out, and what most people don’t know, is that SWATTING is a misdemeanor in many states. I don’t know if the SWATTING of Hogg, Kasky and Chadwick, fits under 7026, the new Florida school safety law, but if it does, then it’s a class 2 felony. See section 1362 below. The problem is that these cases might turn on how prosecutors interpret the act of SWATTING combined with the intent of the callers, and that might not be known until after suspects are arrested.

I think that SWATTING needs to be taken much more seriously, especially following the case of Tyler Barriss, the man behind the  fatal Wichita swatting case.

Read what the government called the act in a brief from the government’s case against another SWATTer, Mir Islam

“Swatting is, in fact, a crime of violence. It is an assault with a deadly weapon in which the police are . . . → Read More: The SWATTING of Hogg, Kasky and Chadwick is a crime of violence

Another View On War

Do you want to watch an anti-war movie following Memorial Day? I recommend watching The Americanization of Emily. The screenplay is by Paddy Chayefsky, who wrote Network. As you know, I’m a huge fan of Network. It changed the way I looked at the news businesses. This movie stars Julie Andrews and Jame Garner.  It goes places you really don’t expect, and makes a case against war in a very different way. It was also anti-war about WWII, the “good war” which people have an easier time justifying.

Here’s the set up: In wartime London just before D-Day, Lieut. Comdr. Charlie Madison (James Garner), an aide to eccentric Rear Admiral Jessup (Melvyn Douglas), specializes in supplying the top Navy officers with luxuries such as party girls. Madison is a proponent of cowardice as a virtue because he believes reverence of heroism promotes war. He falls in love with Emily Barham (Julie Andrews), his British motor pool driver, a young woman who has lost her husband, brother and father in the war.

I’d love to share all the long quotes from the film to show just how interesting the views are and how brilliant the screenplay is. Here are three clips from the scene with . . . → Read More: Another View On War

Keep Praising Unarmed Good Guys Who Tackle Shooters

Keep Praising Unarmed Good Guys Who Tackle Shooters By Spocko

Friday’s school shooting was stopped by Jason Seaman, a former defensive end now a science teacher who ‘immediately ran up to the un-named student, swatted the boy’s cocked gun out of his hand before tackling the pupil to the ground.” He was shot three times in the abdomen, hip and forearm, he has been released from the hospital.

Pictured Indiana, Noblesville West Middle School, science teacher and school football coach, Jason Seaman.

One day after the heroic tackling, Trump and Pence tweeted praise for Jason Seaman, in contrast to the two weeks it took them to praise James Shaw, the other hero who tackled a shooter armed with an AR-15 at a Waffle House.

Hero James Shaw speaks during a press conference on the Waffle House shooting Sunday, April 22, 2018 in Nashville, Tenn. Shaw wrestled the gun from the suspect. (Wade Payne/The Tennessean via AP)

Unarmed people can stop shooters by tackling them. 

We need to remind the media and the public of other examples and repeat the cases of unarmed people stopping the shooter and saving the day.

The reality is that there are many stories of shooters being stopped . . . → Read More: Keep Praising Unarmed Good Guys Who Tackle Shooters