Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Wife Swap: Lesbians with an Inter-racial couple!

Dear Wife Swap Producers:

I can NOT believe how cruel the black woman was to the lesbian! I came in at the end of the show, but to see a black woman who was married to a white man quoting the Bible about how they are a “traditional Christians” and that she thought that the two lesbians were depraved, just knocked me out. Guess what, Miss "Traditional Christian"? Less than 40 years ago the "traditional Christians" were saying that interracial marriage was against the word of God in the Bible! I have news for her, all her gay hating comes from a very “un-Christ like” place.

You would think that someone who had experienced prejudice in her life and understood the strides made by blacks would be more open to the experiences of the gay couple.

I don’t know where this woman goes to church, but I think that there was a real failure in the leadership of her Church. They have allowed her to think that her hate-spewing views are sanctioned and encouraged. I would like to see her minister or pastor view this tape and ask him “Is she stating the Christian view on homosexually correctly? Is her attitude Christian?" What a sad, sad example of Christianity!

This black woman was calling the lesbian a sexual predator! She was saying they she and her partner were not a family and were just “shacking up”! They are “shacking up” because they can’t get married! That’s because good “Christians” are supporting and voting for laws that don’t allow equal rights for same sex couples. This woman was just spewing hate at the poor gay woman and reduced her to tears. The other gay woman, her partner, said, "You know that the number one sexual predators are straight white men, don't you?" I made me wonder how many of the sexual predators are “Traditional Christian?”

Good show. Took some guts to run it. It really showed which one was the loving couple and which one wasn’t. It certainly wasn’t the straight “Traditional Christian”.


Here is a shot I took last year at San Francisco City Hall. A wonderful, loving, lesbian couple. Not a lot of hate there! They don't look depraved to me. I think the depravity was in the eyes of the beholder on this episode of wife swap.
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Mike said...

Thank's for the advice.I have never seen the soprano's although I hear it's a very good show.I watch Wife Swap sometimes but I missed lastnights episode.Your blog is very interesting and informative.Mike

5:48 AM  
N/A said...

Spocko, yet another slam-dunk on your part. It did take guts for the producers of Wife Swap to run that episode. The "Christian" extremists are never going to in point...the whole Spongebob thing.

11:02 AM  
Jim said...

Unbelievable, no wonder I don't watch TV often, that's really disturbing.

4:48 AM  
Mike said...

Mash is one of my favorite shows.i remember the dog episode.thanks for reminding me of it.

6:39 AM  
willjs said...

I wanted to write to say that I have a personal connection to these people. I live in Austin and is where it took place though it was never stated in the show (they said "central Texas"). I have done work for them over the last year (at their business and house) and was shocked at what I saw on TV - much different than I expected.

9:30 AM  
willjs said...

My opinion pretty much is echoed w/ a few other people. We were all surprised. Dunno if you read on the Web the Statesman article about them (the Austin newspaper). The paper's TV critic talked to her and got her side of the story. I'm sorry but after what was seen on TV, could there be a better side?!

5:02 PM  

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