Thursday, January 13, 2005

No ASSHOLE, there wasn't a lot of talk about that!

"There's a lot of talk about how some in the world don't appreciate America," Bush said. "I can assure you that those that our military has helped appreciate America." LINK

No ASSHOLE, there wasn't a lot of talk about that. That's some bullshit spin Karl Rove put into your mouth so you can make a political point over the rotting bodies of the tsunami victims. Because it's all about you and what you do or didn't do, isn't it George? Now that you have been stung by rightly deserved criticism of your tone-deaf response to a massive disaster (in your effort to not appear like Clinton) you are trying to ring some jingoistic patriotism out of your failure. I loath your fake indignation. Who is saying the world doesn't appreciate America? Please name a single person who isn't a right wing shill who would say that.

Karl you devious piece of shit. You know very well what the talk was about. It was about your boy's slow response and your initial stingy offer and then your equally stingy offer that hung out there until you realized that your deluded Christian base really kind of cares about this stuff and you can't piss them off. So you figured you would turn this into a perfect opportunity to get some good PR for Rummy this week after 9 more soldiers get blown up.

To illustrate other PR responses to tone-deaf ego maniacs, here's a link to a great scene from Action! the brilliant (but canceled) series about movie producing. Listen to what Connie says to Peter Dragon at the end of the piece.


thehim said...

Uh, no George. The world doesn't appreciate being told that America knows what's best for them better than they do.

Oh, and they think you're an idiot.

11:41 PM  
spocko said...

I had a nice talk with a guy from Germany about why it is a good idea for the rest of the world to see America in a good light. It just reminded me how foolish this "we can go it alone" strategy is and how the ego of this man and the men in his adminstration is costing us so many lives and so much money.

10:57 AM  
ellroon said...

His 'some say .. blah blah' has been used to death. It lets him say the most outrageous crap, and then hold up his stupid idea and make it seem logical and reasonable. (Some people say brown people can't be free, etc etc.)

Some say you are a moron, George, and for one I agree with them!

8:40 PM  

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