Friday, January 07, 2005

Gonzales Testimony v. Gonzales Record

Gonzales claimed he could not recall details of his role in the production of the so-called Justice Department "torture memo" of August 2002 saying, "I don't recall today whether I was in agreement with all the analysis, but I don't have a disagreement with the conclusions then reached by the [Justice] department."

He actually chaired the meetings on this memo, which included detailed descriptions of interrogation techniques such as "waterboarding," which involves strapping a detainee to a board, raising the feet above the head, wrapping the face and nose in a wet towel, and dripping water onto the head to produce an unbearable sensation of drowning. He raised no objections and gave CIA interrogators the legal blessings they sought.

Editorial cartoon Tom Meyer, SF Chronicle


ellroon said...

Holy crap. I was unaware that he chaired the meeting that discussed techniques of torture. This guy just gets creepier and more disgusting.

12:31 PM  
thehim said...

So he did something stupid to support the neocon agenda and then tried to distance himself from his actions? He'll fit right in with this Administration...

4:58 PM  

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