Thursday, January 13, 2005

Outrage Fatigue

There is a great scene in an old Cheers episode where Norm is given the job as company ax man because he gets all choked up about firing the people and this makes the people feel okay because they are being fired by "someone who cares". After doing it for awhile he just can't do it any more. He tries to get his emotion revved up for the current sacking, but he just can't, the waterworks are dry. That's how I feel today.

I just heard some pundits talking about how Alberto Gonzalez will probably be confirmed and he wondered where was the outrage about his pending confirmation. I'm sorry guys, with so many things to be outraged about I'm worn down.

It's partly because it feels like nothing you do with the outrage has any effect. You protest, "It's a focus group" you write letters and even if they get published there is no effect on the big issues. I know that the work is cumulative, but it is so tiring.

I'm wondering if the only thing that will effect change for these power-hungry America-destroying bastards will be getting hauled into court on some criminal charges. Of course they are so damn slippery that in anticipation of that they simply CHANGE THE LAW so that they can keep doing what they are doing (I'm looking at you Tom Delay!)

There doesn't seem to be anything this White House does that is bad enough, or outrageous enough to piss off their own supporters. I just don't get it:

  • Bush couldn't protect us on 9/11 (no strong father here)
  • Bush has record deficit's (incompetent provider father)
  • Bush got the WMD's wrong and our sons and daughters are being destroyed as makeshift bombs rip through their unarmored vehicles (bad warrior father)
  • Bush give tax breaks to companies for not hiring people in the US (outsourcing jobs father)
  • Bush slaughters innocents just outside the womb in Iraq instead of admitting a mistake (non-life protecting father).

And on the home front he can't even deliver on his pledges to be the strict father, yet I guess they get credit for trying.

  • Abortion, still legal
  • Homosexuals, still not stoned to death
  • Sex, still used to sell more and more crap
  • Taxes, still having to pay them (even though they have made strides for the over $300,000 set.

Yes, there has been no spectactular attack in the US since 9/11, but anthrax happened and the people who did that haven't been caught either. I'd give him credit for no spectactular attacks if I knew he could show his policies have stopped attacks or he could show us some convictions.

Enough outrage from the Left, where is the Outrage from the Right? You wanted a strict Father figure in charge, but he can't even do that right!

What kind of Dad doesn't jump up and act when he finds out his children are in danger?
What kind of Dad borrows so much money he can't pay it off, so he passes the debt down to you?
Would your Father send you to war without giving you the means to protect yourself?
Would your Dad let his sons and daughters continue to die rather than admit a mistake? Is his need to be 'right' greater than the lives of his children?

People always say, "Bush seems like someone who you could have a beer with". Besides the ironic fact that he supposedly has given up alcohol, typically having a beer with someone lasts a few hours at most; would anyone say, "I want him as my father?" If he treated me as a son like he treated the country as a child, I don't think so.

My father has protected me, provided for me, taught me, and loved me. He didn't leave me in debt, he doesn't lie to me and is strong enough to admit a mistake rather than allow me to die because of his pride. My father is 100 times the man George W. Bush is or will ever be.


Anonymous said...

Every frigging thing you said, and then some. I understand all too well the futility of outrage these days. Keep fighting the good fight; there are a lot of us with you and we have to stay motivated. If we don't, there will be no one to protect us. I frankly don't give a *damn* about the sheep who continue to blindly follow this asshole, but I *do* care for people like you, who get the tragedy and the travesty. I'm so with you. Every step of the miserable way. And we will win, we just have to keep at it. Evil has never managed to continue indefinitely; it always falls. This too, will fall. When depends on us. Hang in there, Mister.

3:34 PM  
spocko said...

Thank you so much! That was very kind. Just another reason that I know I'm no the correct side of this political divide.

I told my brother he was on the wrong side of history on this argument and he just sneared and made some snide remark that "people would REALLY be crying if Saddam had nuked us in 2005." You know, because of all those nukes they found hanging out in Iraq.

10:41 AM  

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