Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Will There be Blood? Update: Tea Party Death Threats arrest

UPDATED 4-26-2009 I was right.
See this story titled "

"Oklahoma Man Arrested for Twittering Tea Party Death Threats"

Of course he didn't actually kill anyone so I'm sure that the right will say, "It doesn't count! He was just a crazy person!" And you remember how they were so offended about the report about right wing extremists? "They are out to get us and we never do anything wrong! We are all so well behaved!" Well here we have the latest example.

Lots of Teabagging parties across America. So what if the KSFO hosts can't control the crowd? I know I'm starting to sound like Grandpa Simpson bringing of the possibility of violence. But I just would like the media who cover this to consider how this would play if the sides were reversed. Maybe my friends at KPFA can talk about what happened to them when they suggested a protest.

I’ve contacted the FCC to ask them if there are any consequences to KSFO/ABC/Citadel, Fox if the angry mobs that they are organizing hurt anyone. Will the think tanks Freedom Works or Americans for Prosperity that provided logistical support be liable for broken glass if some teabagger gets out of control?

I have also contacted the SF City Attorney to see how they have handled property crimes that arose out of corporate organized protests. I’ve contacted the SF police Field ops office as well.

I would like to hear some legal opinions on CIVIL damages and who can collect from whom if there are problems.

I would also like a criminal prosecutor who has gone after DFHs to be available to comment. ‘Breaking the law is breaking the law. If they punch a cop they are going to jail. If they punch a hippy they are going to jail. I don’t care what their political party is.”

We on the left have had decades of experience putting on peaceful protests. We know not to bring guns and not to resist arrest. When property damage happens it is from a group of anarchists who wear black masks and run after breaking windows. I wonder if the people on the right who are doing a corporate sponsored protest are prepared for the right-wing equivalent of black masked anarchists. (They will of course say that there were infiltrated by ACORN anarchists)

Will the corporate sponsors and Fox follow the Pottery shop rule, “If you break it you own it!” rule? If violence or property damage happen I want to make sure all the non-Fox stations know who should pay if the gathering of an angry mob (who own guns) gets out control.

I’m sure if something happens it will become one of those, “Nobody could have predicted!” bits. Well I hope it doesn’t come to this, but if it does I just want to go on record as predicting it. I’m happy to be wrong.


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