Tuesday, April 07, 2009

At KSFO attacking the Advertisers is Just Good Business Sense!

If people contact the KSFO current advertisers like The SF Chronicle or Comcast, or previous advertisers like DishTV to alert them to their violent rhetoric and other rude remarks directed toward Muslims or other groups, you can point out to the advertisers that the hosts don't like THEM either.

Here is a clip of Lee Rodgers saying that Officer Vic thinks that DishTV sucks and that cable companies "are a bunch of thieves."

(Audio Link)

Imagine how the ad reps must feel when KSFO runs their Comcast ad one minute and the next the hosts are calling their client thieves? What if you heard the hosts saying your product sucks?

I'm sure that the ad reps for Comcast don't mind paying all that good money to reach the KSFO audience for the privilege of being called thieves. The question is, who should the audience listen to, the hosts, or the ads?

I guess the advertisers will just have to grin and bare it, nobody tells Lee Rodgers what to say on not to say on his radio program! (audio link)

The only recourse they have is to remove financial support. Rodgers will keep insulting and attacking, it's what he does. He's not going to change his spots so you might as well pull your spots, it's the only way to be sure. Let someone that he ISN'T attacking buy spots. The companies he isn't attacking is getting smaller and smaller.

Here's Sussman telling a caller to shut up and then proceeds to explain that the Chronicle is irrelevant and it is going away. I suppose I could play some audio clips of Rodgers calling the people at the Chronicle idiots, but that would be too obvious.
(audio link)


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