Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Good bye 4th Amendment. Nice knowin' ya.

Maybe because it was recently the 4th of July, but it occurred to me that WE here are closer to the Founding Bloggers, er Framers, than most of the people in the House and Senate.

Who is fighting for the Constitution? We are.
Who is fighting for the rule of law? We are.

We call, we write, we fax, we fight.
We scream, we shout, we call our representatives out.

From this day forward we should all remember who was fighting FOR the rule of law and who was fighting against it.

The people who willful negated our rights should have to pay. Politically, financially and criminally.

They think that this is too complicated for Sally Housecoat or Johnny 12 pack to figure out, they think that they can hide behind the “protect the homeland” slogans. But we are not as stupid as they are.

I would be nice if, through some brave person, we find out how the spying was used against us inappropriately (spying on journalists, innocent bloggers and political enemies) we take that info back to the people who voted for this and say, “This is what you supported.”

Knowing them they will claim the Bush admin obstructed justice and used National security as shield they will claim, “We didn’t know!”

We can say, “Yes but this was your chance to know and you willfully said you didn’t want to know.”

Cheney learned the lessons of Watergate, classify everything, put everything under national security. That was why we should have kept pushing for convictions of other players after Nixon. And this will why we will give to keep working for convictions of law breakers after Bush. They have figured out a way to "get away with it" and all it takes is a couple bucks and some scare tactics. Now every lawbreaking corporation has a template on how to get away with breaking the law.

I would say I weep for America, but I am also proud of us, those who work in honor of the Constitution. The founding bloggers would be proud of us. They would yell at the press. “We gave you freedom so you could expose this crap! What the hell were you doing?!” And of course they would damn all those who voted to destroy the rights that they worked so hard to articulate and write down.


Blogger GentillyGirl said...

My comment to First Draft-


This is why I'm an incurable Progressive. The envelope must always be pushed in order to create change, and change is required in Life. As a Society we must evolve.

This is how slavery was ended, women getting the vote, the New Deal and the Civil Rights Act. It's how my tribes are slowly gaining respect and dignity under Law.

We lost this battle, but the war ain't over yet. Keep fighting.

My creed-

"Greater than scene is situation. Greater than situation is implication. Greater than all of these is a single, entire human being, who will never be confined in any frame." Eudora Welty

The fuckmooks can't always win."

Thank you for this post.

10:38 PM  

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