Saturday, June 07, 2008

Thanks for Listening

I didn't have time to give whole Spocko story at the NCMR 2008 so for people who want to read some back story here are a few links.

The first big blog post from Mike Stark at Daily Kos

Excellent coverage from Media Post Tom Siebert (link)

Online Blogintegrity (link) Link to some of the offensive audio clip from KSFO hosts

SF Chronicle (link)

New York Times (link)

SF Bay Guardian (link)

CBS KPIX 5 (video link)

Guardian in the UK (link)

Pushing Rope has a great collection of stories (link)



Blogger American Goy said...

Spocko, I love yah, but this blog should have really taken off after getting this kind of exposure.

You were in the effing Guardian, effing sakes! You don't get bigger than the Guardian!

On the other hand, many blogs preach to the converted, but you made an ACTUAL difference.

Kudos to you.

I should profile your blog and your achievement, I promise I will get to it.

And this post makes it much easier :)

8:10 PM  
Blogger spocko said...

AG: Well the point isn't to be the world's best blogger. She already exists. I got lots of hits and exposure. But as you said I made and actual difference and the blog was simply a part of program. This was also an effort by a lot of other bloggers.

In addition, I know how the right wing radio people work and think. Their next step will be to go to character assassination of my real identity to the entire bay area and the world. The viciously attacked Cindy Sheehan and she didn't cost them a dime.
I still live in fear of the power of their smear machine. Yes, I'm not Obama, but attacking Obama isn't personal for them, they just do it as a matter of course.
And I ask, why should it be okay for them to make us stuff about me to the public with impunity.

They have called me a liar and a thief. They have called me a Communist. I'm old enough to remember when being called a Communist could cost you your job.

Maybe I don't want them to call me names and worse. They have already proved that they are willing to threaten legal action, they have proven that they are willing to attack me on the radio as Spocko.

As I said when my dad died, my family name means something. You want to know why people don't get into politics? Because Lee Attwater and Karl Rove all their oppo research character assassins have made it EXPECTED that cheap shots are fine. They aren't. And now with Obama the guy you can bet that they will not be holding anything back.
Yet they NEVER pay any consequences for their repeating lies and distorting the truth.

At the National Convention for Media Reform they talked about this. Talk radio is considered part of the media but they have NO obligation to any kind of balance. And having a slogan that you are "fair and balanced" is NOT the same as BEING fair and balanced.

10:57 PM  
Blogger BAC said...

Spocko it was a real pleasure having dinner with you, and getting to know the person behind the blog! Your work is so valuable, and a testiment to what the blogosphere CAN accomplish.

You are certainly justified in being protective of your name, since bloggers like us don't have the very deep pockets like Corporate America, who when exposed will use their resources to ruin someone's life.

Keep up the good work!


1:52 PM  
Blogger American Goy said...

Well, I never said to expose your real name to the right wing loonies.

I simply said that after such a great acomplishment, this blog should be in the stratosphere (say, 1/50 of Daily Kos numbers :-)

Notice that I will never dream of using my own name and associate it with AG blog - I want to keep on working in this country :-)

6:42 PM  
Blogger kelley b. said...

Spocko does his thing, and quite well, AG. I assure you, the 19 include some very interesting and intelligent people.

Some bloggers like to be in the eye of the hurricane, with the storm spinning 'round.

Others of us simply are looking for a good flux capacitator, and enjoy tripping up the Romulans when we can.

6:55 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

I was in the audience at the NCMR and caught your participation in one of the panels offered the last day. Very inspiring!

A columinist for the Minneapolis newspaper slammed the entire conference in his column yesterday. A link to said column and my response is on my blog site.
I'd be honored if you would drop by and give it a read.

Thanks again for your work!

5:08 AM  

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