Thursday, April 26, 2007

Frightening Food Facts about the FDA from the GAO

From Tuesday's House hearings about the FDA:

Did you know:
The federal government can issue mandatory recalls for tires and toys but not food?
The only exception is baby formula. Did you know that? Does that surprise you?

How the heck did this happen? Who decided that killing your customers is just the cost of doing business? Is letting citizen's pets die a good way to get votes? I thought that even illogical humans would figure out that old Vulcan saying,
"Killing your customers is bad PR."
For those who didn't get to watch the hearing they feature my new hero
Lisa Shames, Acting Director Natural Resources and Environment, Government Accountability Office.

How cool is she? First she has a great name like "shamus - as in detective or it could be "She shames the people who rip us off. " And she works for our beloved GAO! I think Scout Prime and I will have to give them The Greatest Government Agency in America Award.
Seriously doesn't everyone want MORE accountability in government?

For this video I some titles and pulled out some key quotes for emphasis. I'm still new at this video stuff so your advice is welcome and yes, I'm sure you could have done it better Rich.

The video is in Real Media format. I'll try and get it in WMA soon.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Your date's over, mister," SF's latest Women Heroes

You are looking at two heroes. They took action that prevented a stranger from being raped.

They were paying attention, they knew what to look for and they took action.

A trauma was adverted, because someone didn't just look away when something bad was happening-even when at first glance it all looked fine. They saw through the happy surface to see the reprehensible actions of the player.

Read the whole story here.

Then note: You can be this kind of hero too.

I was going to send this to Echidne of Snakes, one of my favorite writers and someone whose community I feel honored to be a part of, but she is busy CLEANING today and I don't want to interrupt her when she is on a roll. We all have our cleaning and organizing projects we are avoiding and I don't want to tempt her (although how you tempt a goddess without chocolate is beyond me.)

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