Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hey Hardball! Want Melanie Morgan info? Look over here! Sigh. Goggle must have changed their results algorithm.

I'm pretty sure Google made a semi-big change recently. Once in a while Google makes a major change in their search result algorithm. They also make regular tweaks based on the ways that search engine optimizers (SEOs) game the search engines. Companies who get screwed because they were gaming the system bitch and moan when it happens. "I didn't know that my SEO was using a fake link farm! It's not my fault! I'm going to sue Google!"

However, in the process companies that don't play the SEO game sometimes get banished to the back pages of search results unintentionally. Other people will unintentionally get the benefit of this new algorithm. Today's beneficiary? KSFO radio hosts, especially Melanie Morgan.

Right now I should be getting lots of hits from the book review editors from newspapers and TV producers from various TV shows like Hardball looking to prep their boss for Morgan's Friday appearance. But I'm not. I'm sure the folks at Disney are breathing a sigh of relief. And the Cumberland Press PR people (the wing-nut book publishing front for NewsMax) must just be giddy.

Morgan derided people who wrote to Hardball last time after her comments about Bill Keller. They wanted the producers to know just what kind of person they were giving this national exposure too.

I'm sorry the producers won't find me with a Google search. I could send them some more clips of the disgusting things that Morgan says, so maybe people will remember she's a distinctively mean talk radio shouter. Sure it says "Talk Radio Host" on the chyron under her face on the show, but she still talks about her 30 years as a journalist. I wonder if she is counting the last ten years on talk radio. I sure hope not.

Well if the Hardball producers Roland Woerner or Mamta Trivedi do find me I'd be happy to enlighten them on the obnoxious comments that Ms. Morgan makes on broadcast radio. But sometimes it's not what she says, is it? When someone else jokes about killing and torturing someone, does your laughter count? When you DO NOT denounce a horrific comment on the air, but laugh at it, what does that say about you? Does that make you a fitting guest to pass judgment on the lives of others? Does that make you a "good journalist"?

For example, here is one where Morgan roars in laughter at the bombing death of UN Peacekeepers. (And remember folks, she's a Christian!)

(Audio link--1:07 clip 45 sec in.)
Ann Coulter: "On the bright side we hit a couple of UN peacekeepers." Morgan laughs
Tom Brenner "Officer Vic": "Look at those blue helmets go flyin'"
Coulter "Somebody has to tell Israel about the installation on 42nd street." Laughter

Morgan made the horrific comment. Morgan and Brenner laugh. Coulter makes another horrific comment, they laugh again. So technically Morgan didn't make light of the bombing death of UN peacekeepers and Morgan didn't suggested that the UN be bombed by Israel. But what kind of person thinks that is funny?

No laws were broken here, but agreeing with and laughing with the morally repugnant Ann Coulter should be a warning sign for advertisers. When Morgan agrees with Ann Coulter the odds are that she will also say morally reprehensible things and should NOT represent your products.


kelley b. said...

Google has made some major changes.

For example, a lot of the stuff I write about I can no longer find easily using Google.

C'est, increasingly, le guerre.

3:00 PM  

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