Friday, June 09, 2006

Yet another Pepsi Memto's video

Kids DON'T try this at home! Do it outside at the very least. Seriously, those of you in positions of responsibility for children, really don't do this. Don't even attempt it. I'm not kidding.


Interrobang said...

Spocko -- The candy in question is called "Mentos," not that you can tell adequately through her appallingly thick accent. :) I don't think you have them there. We do here in Soviet Canuckistan, although you can't get Necco wafers for love or money. Do they make single-flavour rolls of Necco wafers? I'd like rolls of nothing but chocolate and licorice ones if so. :)

I've put up another post tangentially on streetcar stuff, by the way. It seems the outgoing head of the Toronto Transit Commission agrees with me/us about dedicated trackage and right-of way. Damn I'm good! *grin*

11:25 PM  

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