Thursday, June 08, 2006

Jon Stewart and Bill Bennett discuss Gay Marriage

For my friend who likes videos, here is an interesting one.

I appreciate Jon's view of the natural progression of the human condition. And of course coming from a union of a Vulcan and a human (They said it would never work! Sarak is an ALIEN! Amanda is a HUMAN! Luckily people were more enlightened about these things on my planet, unlike here.)

kudos to Candleblog for finding the clip.


betmo said...

i actually watched that show. bennett was, as a typical conservative, arrogant, dismissive and unwilling to entertain any thoughts other than his own. he also has zero sense of humor. don't know why the repubs continue to go on stewart or colbert. they obviously don't get it.

3:26 PM  
spocko said...


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spocko said...

What did he cover in the second half the show? Gambling?

Now if we could only get Dems to stop going on Hannity. (Do any?)

3:37 PM  
Anonymous said...

I like video, but Bennett is hardly a good spokeman for family values. And I'm not either, having gone off into the deep end of liberal practices.

"The natural progression of the human condition" is an interesting myth worth exploring. The problems in gender issues and families are complex and since they are related to the rest of human development, it will take patience and understanding to make headway.

Traditional understanding of society should not be thrown out the window, unless you believe we are the crown of evolution living in the best damn country that ever was! We're number 1...oh yeah Duffman.

T.J. Winter of Cambrdige University posted interesting articles that I thinkmake for interesting reading:

"Islam, Irigaray, and the retrieval of gender"

"Boys will be Boys"


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