Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm sending my old Mardi Gras Beads to Bush to rebuild the Levee

Scout Prime did some great work on reporting in New Orleans, but now the President isn't going to fully fund the levees unless we demand it. He's a visual kind of guy so I figure we need to send him something he can see to remind him of the good old days in New Orleans.

Here is what I'm sending. You'll notice a few features.
1) A clear bag. This is to make the people less nervous in the Post Office, remember the other terrorist attack, Anthrax, the other one the President still hasn't caught the guy(s) who did it?

I put the beads on one side and the message on both sides. I wonder how many will make it intact? The additional benefit of a clear bag will be the ability of others to see the message along the way. That is also why we take the photo of the bag (*or Scan of the bag*) and mailing of the bag.

Visuals. Visuals. Visuals.
The press can then pick up what the "wacky liberal bloggers are doing!" with a visual for the story.
See? (Photo from Pubclub.com some ads maybe NSFW, photos were fine.

2) Staple it shut. Of course it is a federal offense for other people to open the mail, so if someone DID steal the beads along the way they would be making a federal case out of it, "You don't have to make a Federal Case out of it, dude." Young man that is EXACTLY what this is, a FEDERAL CASE! That is why the Federal Government needs to send ALL the money to fix this levee!

3) A clear message on this. Scout suggests it here:

Mr. President:
Please fully fund the additional $6 billion the Army Corps of Engineers needs to rebuild the levees for our fellow Americans in New Orleans.

4) If you don't have some old Mardi Gras beads you can of course find photos of beads that you can send with the message. (I'm thinking that Holden, NTodd, and Dr. Attaturk will all be all over this doing research.)

Photo from Hal2000 (some photos NSFW)

5) If you have other visuals with beads and the message, send those to the President too. Scout made a video to explain the campaign. I made a quick video using the Ford Tahoe "Make your own commercial" website. Here's mine. I titled it:

Water Sucks.

BTW, this is a nice way to subvert the SUV commercial as well as give them some backwards PR. A lot of people don't realize it, but these agencies COUNT on backwards PR. They are the ones who secretly slip out the ads with the car sunroof killing the cat or knocking the bird off the hood. They have plausible deniability but they know they are getting name recognition. (at least that is what they tell the nervous execs at the car company that is paying for an evil ad.)

Well that's it for today. Let's get cracking!



Anonymous said...

Awesome idea, Spocko!


4:11 PM  
spocko said...

I don't want to enlist school children in a political project, but this could be an art project/civics project for school kids. If the focus is on supporting all the school kids in New Orleans (both public and private schools) this is really about not letting a city die.

Just a thought. I'm hoping we get lots of bloggers on the ball with this as a fun thing for the media to cover.

4:26 PM  
Jim said...

I say we put the levees back the way ther were before Katrina then ask the state of LA where the mony went that was supposed to go towards improving them.

3:00 PM  
spocko said...

Did you see where the Army Corps of engineers admitted that the levee's weren't build correctly in the first place? That still doesn't address any corruption that exist at the state of federal level, which I agree is bad. bad. bad.

7:57 PM  
batcave911 said...

the army corp DIDNT build them right


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Katrina pictures

Katrina pictures 2

Katrina pictures 3

9:53 PM  

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