Friday, November 18, 2005

Tony Shalhoub sighting and OCD action figures

I love when TV shows set in SF actually SHOOT in SF, not in Vancouver dressed up to look like SF. This evening I spotted Tony Shalhoub shooting an action scene for the TV show Monk, in front of the St. Francis. I had just come from Cardology in the Crocker Galleria where one of the store’s owners had just shown me their best selling toy—the Obsessive Compulsive Action Figure. I gave her a call after I spotted Tony and asked if he or his crew were in the store buying the action figures today. She wasn’t sure, but noted that she always feels obligated to straighten the shelves after selling one.

Here’s the link to OCD action figure with mini-surgical mask and gloves. I’ve also included my crappy camera phone photo of Shalhoub, America’s most famous Obsessive Compulsive television character.

Obsessive Compulsive Action FigureThis 5-1/4" (13.3 cm) tall, hard vinyl Obsessive Compulsive Action Figure is worried about whether or not you washed your hands after you used the bathroom. Just in case, he’s sure you won’t mind if he wears his gloves and surgical mask when he shakes your hand. Or even better, maybe you could just bump elbows with him. Now, as soon as he finishes counting those ceiling tiles, he can get started on alphabetizing the canned foods. Mini surgical mask included. Packaged with a sanitary, hypo-allergenic towelette to clean off the figure before you touch it. Illustrated blistercard. UPC

Cool greeting cards & gifts
50 Post Street(Crocker Galleria) San Francisco, CA9 4104
Neighborhood: Financial District +1 415 391 1966
(Tell 'em Spocko sent cha! They will probably just look at you like you are off your nut, but what the hay.)


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