Monday, November 07, 2005

Isaac Wang: The Hardest workin' Man in San Francisco Politics

Isaac Wang is working really hard to win the election for San Francisco Treasurer's office. When I talked to him after the debate he told me his schedule for meeting people. I was exhausted just listening to it. He is constantly looking to reach out to the voters and get his name out there.

You know after the debates I listened to Cisneros' slick handlers joke about the other candidates' grasp of English. Which kind of pissed me off since Isaac speaks several and even spoke in them (Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Greek.) I wonder how good Cisnero's Chinese is? How good is Louie's Russian? And, especially relevant to the office, how good is their knowledge of financial software and programming languages? Because make no mistake, in the Treasurer's office today silos of information and legacy computer systems which don't talk to each other is a REAL problem.

Cisneros has the smooth politics down, and I think that is an important skill, especially since if you don't cut deals for endorsements and run around raising money it is hard to win. (Which REALLY makes me sad. I want someone qualified who can do a great job and make the city more money and save it money. I'm less interested in how well they schmooze the money donors, kingmakers and party operatives. But that's the reality.)

So anyway, last Saturday I heard Isaac was going to out driving around in his truck with his Win With Wang sign. I popped over to Clement street to check it out.

Note how I got the groovy flag shadows? Well be sure to vote tomorrow and Vote for Isaac Wang for Treasurer!

BTW, I haven't been paid for my endorsement of Mr. Wang, but I did get a cool WANG hat that might be worth up to $12.95. I mean it's not like the $450,000 that Willie Brown got to help shill for Big Pharm against the prescription drug measure Proposition 79 and in favor of the industry's rival Proposition 78


ellroon said...

Spocko, your enthusiasm is infectious! Would that all voters get as involved as you! Watching with bated breath to see if Wang wins.

6:18 PM  
spocko said...

Thanks. We'll see. I've learned alot about local politics that don't surprise me and a few things that have. One of the things that is interesting is to see just how easy it is to make a difference in a race if you offer to help and have some skillz. I've also learned that sometimes the game is fixed by big money interests before the gate even opens, and that saddens me.

In San Francisco prop 75 is trying to get read of the ability of unions to pool their money easily to oppose the big money corporate interests. This is such and obvious corporate dodge, but with people like the morally repugnant Brian Sussman never bringing that up, some people who aren't paying attention might actually think that it is about "the ability of the union members to not contribute to causes they don't want!" What horse hockey (as Col. Potter used to say on MASH.)

6:49 PM  
Anonymous said...

How'd he do? We really want to know!


8:05 PM  
spocko said...

Too soon to tell. I'll know tomorrow.

8:50 PM  
spocko said...

Well, Isaac didn't win. Sigh. He worked so hard and was such a good man and qualified candidate. There are so many things that go into running successfully for office, and only part of it is how well you make your positions known and how qualified you are.

I'm glad I got to know Isaac and was please to help a decent candidate try to get into office.
I might do an update later. One thing that I did find out. The other candidates really out spent him, Louie lost and paid about 10 bucks a vote for the privilege of losing. At least Isaac spent his dollars wisely, just like I think he would have sent San Francisco's money had he been elected.

6:26 PM  

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