Saturday, November 19, 2005

Creepy Video. Amazing Song. Lotion in the Basket

This is the music I listen to before I go out clubbing.
Warning NSFW, creepy images and words.
Great song, brilliant editing, still creepy.
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Tip o' the skull cap to daBabs!


PTCruiser said...

Yeah, it's definitely creepy but it kind of grows on ya. Maybe Jergen's could use it in a commercial.

11:17 PM  
coho said...

Hiya Spocko!
Creepy and disturbing, yet catchy at the same time. I caught myself humming it at work yesterday, I may be scarred for life. Keep up the good work.

9:35 PM  
spocko said...

hey coho, that's me, reconfiguring people's brain one person at a time!

I remember having a couple of great songs with bizarre lyrics cluttering up my head and wondering, "Would I like them as much if they didn't have strange lyrics?" Probably not. There is something extra fun about an upbeat song with disturbing lyrics. Things like
I don't like Mondays' or Girlfriend in a Coma (lots of stuff from Morrissey for that matter) or 10,000 Maniac's "What's the Matter Here" with the lyrics
like: "If you don't mind I will beat on your behind," "Slap you, slap you silly." Made me say, "O, what's the matter here?"
It is the juxposition of one element (music) with an opposing one (lyrics) this one also had a third, video with it's own powerful images.

The opening riff reminded me of the Cars or Fountains of Wayne's opening to Stacy's Mom. Someone else compared it to the Talking Heads. I really don't listen to too much music these days and I hate to think I'm stuck in a 1980's sound, but it did sound fresh to me.

Glad you enjoyed it! Try and sleep soundly tonight!

10:22 PM  

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