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What's Wrong with Brian Sussman?

I once asked my friend PTCruiser why he personally found Brian Sussman so offensive. He said he heard him making a horrific comment about Senator Paul Wellstone after he died in a plane crash. He thought to himself, "What's wrong with this guy?"

I don't have the exact quote that Sussman gave on the day Wellstone died in October 2002. But I do have his recent comment about Senator Teddy Kennedy right after he died. While talking about Kennedy's body as it was being prepared to be interred in Arlington as show in the photo above, Sussman said:

"So Ted was shovel ready and he, I mean it's over right?"

- Brian Sussman, KSFO/ABC Radio/Citadel on Senator Ted Kennedy following his memorial service. August 31, 2009 at 5:11AM
(audio link)
Sussman, show above holding the Holy Bible, in a discussion with "Officer Vic".

There is old brand persistence with Sussman because most people saw him doing the weather on TV in the Bay Area. When I repeat some of his actual comments to people who remember him from TV they are shocked and can't believe it.

Liberals don't want to believe the guy who did "Brian's Kids" could be capable of such cruel and sick comments. I show them evidence of multiple cruel and sick comments and they say, "It's just an act. He's just doing it for the money." They can't imagine someone talking like this for free.

The desire to believe the best in people is a positive trait many of us liberals share. If I convince them that he actual says the comments and he actually means the comments the next suggestion is, "Well he's probably good to his kids."

All these attempts to find the good heart hiding under the vicious comments says more about them than about Sussman. I don't know about his personal life, I focus on what he says over and over again on commercially supported broadcast radio. This is the Sussman that broadcast radio listeners hear. This is the Sussman that advertisers associate with, not what he says at home to his kids.

Last week KNEW dropped Michael Savage. One of the groups I advised, Hate Hurts America helped make that possible. When hosts become a liability and not an asset it causes corporate America to re-examine their programming. Sadly, not because of what they say, but because of the revenue they generate.

A host with good ratings but no revenue is like a red shirt on an away mission. They serve a purpose but unlike the stars, they aren't going to make it to the end of the show.

But what about management that keeps supporting money losing "talent"? What is their excuse? How do they justify the support? Might it be because they agree with the host? If they can't hide behind the money, they need to look at their own culpability in supporting the sick comments from these people.
  • This is who you stand with.
  • This is who you associate with.
  • Is this who you really are?
  • Is this what you really believe in?

The question is no longer what is wrong with Brian Sussman, the question is, "What is wrong with you?"

Oh, if you want to get a mortgage from AccessBanc? Call 1 (800) 661-2765 or (408) 377-9909 or the Brian Sussman special number (on his ad) 866-666-6280. Ask for Greg Lucia. But don't expect to get one if you are a Democrat!


Blogger Interrobang said...

If I knew he wasn't antagonistic to Kennedy, I'd say that was a funny line. If Al Franken had said it, it would have been funny. Context means a lot in comedy.

I can't remember the other line of his that I thought was passin' humourous. His batting average isn't very good.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Spocko said...

Right. Context and intention.
I listened to him the previous week the day after he died where he had on a author who proceeded to repeat as many rumors as possible about Teddy Kennedy. So he definitely was antagonistic to Kennedy.

What is that line from the movie Anchor man? "Keep it classy KSFO."

10:04 AM  
Blogger Marty said...

Sussman is pure hate and a bit of a dunce. Listen to what makes him laugh, or rather, cackle. It's always something ugly and hateful.

Recently, I was driving home and heard a doctor from Orinda call in about health care. he described a patient who had just been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and her health care was trying to cut off her coverage with some kind of bogus pre-existing condition rationale. The Dr. from Orinda simply said that something had to be done to reform health care due to sitations like this.

Sussman completely LOST HIS SHIT and cut the caller off, screaming like a child that the doctor didn't "get it." Cryin' Brian squealed that the woman could get coverage if she paid enough for it. Which was pretty weird, because the doctor had explained that she already had coverage, it was her health insurance company that was trying to drop her.

There is no way Sussman should be on public airwaves. Thanks for posting Spocko

6:12 PM  

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