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KSFO Town Hall Protests Pelosi on Health Care at Justin Herman Plaza

Attention TV assignment editors: (KPIX, KGO, KTVU, KRON, KNTV) for Friday Aug 14, 2009 1-5 pm

Brian Sussman of KSFO is whipping his listeners into a frenzy before attending the faux town hall at Justin Herman Plaza Friday. Supposedly the topic is about about health care reform so if you cover it, here are a few questions to ask him and his listeners about health care and what they are hearing on KSFO (just to see how many conspiracy theories they believe based on his comments and willful misinformation).

Brian Sussman will be there from 2-3 with his producer Eric Santos.

1) Is it true that Sussman believes Rahm Emanuel's brother, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, will be in charge of a federal system for withdrawing care for those chosen for death?

2) Did Sussman really call Dr. Emanuel, Dr. Easy Kill Emanuel?
Answers? YES! (transcript link)

"Some call him Dr. Easy Kill Emanuel."

Your dad who's suffering from the dementia? Your mom who's got the Alzheimer's? Guys like Dr. Emanuel want to kill them! I guess it would be called a mercy killing back in the 30's in Germany. This is what they want to do to our people! That Down Syndrome baby? I've got news for you. There will be amniocentesis when the child is in the womb and when they find out that kid's got Down Syndrome or some other life long ailment, oh they'll put an end to that life in no time flat. Is this what you want?"

-Brian Sussman, KSFO, Citadel Broadcasting 8-7-2009 6:20pm (audio link)

Sounds just like Bill O'Reilly calling Dr. Tiller, Dr. Killer, doesn't it? Remember how that turned out for Dr. Tiller?

3) Does Sussman regularly call Speaker Nancy Pelosi "The House Madam?"
Answer? Yes! (audio link 8-10-2009 5:28 am) (transcript link)

4) Does Sussman direct his listeners to attend town halls and shout down any discussion?
Answer? Yes! Here he is explaining how "we are going to shout them down on this." (audio link) Saturday they will be shouting down Pete Stark!

5) Does Sussman encourage listeners who attend to be prepared to "flatten" people who disagree with them?
A. Yes!
"Our side has to get past this Mahatma Gandhi stuff here. Because this is outright, this is like what the Brownshirts did in Germany in the 20s and 30s and although I intend to be peaceful and law abiding if one of those people comes up to me and does like what you describe, I don't care if I even have to do it alone, I'm going to flatten whoever it is"

-George in Oakland (audio link)

(BTW, listeners who suggest violence toward others is not new on the show, here a caller wants to kill innocents attending prayer services at mosques. (audio link). You will note Sussman’s support of the killing. Sussman has asked these same listeners to take the day off work and attend this event.)

6) Does Sussman believe President Obama is a natural born citizen?
A. NO! Sussman is a "Birther" and refuses to accept any proof to the contrary. Ask him if he is calling Hawaiian officials liars or if Obama's operatives traveled in time to place those newspaper birth notices.

7) Does Sussman suggest to listeners that President Obama's going to take their guns?
A. Yes! Sussman calls his show, “Sussman’s Revolution" and stokes the, “Obama’s going to take your guns” paranoia after President Barack Hussein Obama was elected (audio link).

8) Did Sussman really call President Obama a "halfrican"?
A. Yes! (Link)

9) Does Sussman believe that the census bureau is gathering GPS coordinates so President Obama can find and take people's guns?
A. Yes! Ask him!

10) Has Sussman called the President a socialist, a fascist and a communist? Compared him to Hitler?
A. Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Listen to any of his KSFO shows on line. Prove to yourself I'm not making this stuff up, I'm not editing it, or taking it out of context. Listen and you will be shocked and appalled. This is not the pleasant weatherman you thought you knew from KPIX.

He's a pro-torture, anti-Muslim, anti-gay rights bigot who has been spreading violent rhetoric for years.

He spreads these same kind of conspiracy theories and violent rhetoric that can be read in the manifesto of Unitarian Universal Church shooter James Adkisson (pdf link)

Please ask some of these questions of the organizer of this faux town hall.
As journalists you can do more than just, "cover the controversy". You know that "both sides DON'T make equally good points. Comparing lies and willful misinformation with the truth is beneath your standards.

You have plenty of documented quotes here, please confirm them live.
It's time to see more than a "the truth lies somewhere in the middle." about the issue of health care. False equivalences need to be shown for what they are. False.

What ever you do, be sure to give Sussman credit for his call to action for the thousands who attend on Friday. If you don't give him credit he might decide you are unAmerican and decide to torture you, cut off one of your finger or penis or blow your kneecap off. (audio wma) (audio wma) (audio wma)

Thank you for your time.

If you want to read a calmer and more logical statement about Sussman and his role in the organization of this town hall, (with documenting audio) please go here.

Will Citadel be Financial Liable for Town Hall Mobs Organized by Their Radio Hosts?

(Spocko's Brain)


Blogger Liber said...

Spocko Brian Susmann has been unbelievably crossing the line in his latest programs this week. What more can we do to stop this insanity? Is Media Matters following his madness? This is very dangerous and I worry that he's fomenting great 'HATRED' with all his lies here in the beautiful Bay Area!
Please...what can be done?
We need the 'Fairness Doctrine' now more that ever before!

3:07 AM  

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