Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Bush Moves To Dallas! Takes In Crowd With Him

First Lady Laura Bush and President George W. Bush are moving back to Dallas when the president’s term expires in January, the Associated Press is reporting.

The AP says the first lady’s press secretary confirmed Wednesday that the couple are purchasing a home in Dallas.
--San Antonio Business Journal (Link)

This just in from The HillTop, D.C. Social Paper of Note for Notables.
From D.C. To D-Town

Following his move to Dallas The HillTop's Power Party People predict the Former President will be the HIT of D-Town's social circuit. Everyone who counts will be coming to the lively parties put on by Laura, the lovely librarian and the President, affectionately known as 'Little Boots' to his friends and 43 to his father.

As part of the transition the President has asked a few of his favorites to uproot and move to Dallas and join him. It appears our Partier-in-Chief must have his tet-a-tetes with Grandee of elite Washington political society, Sally Sterling Bradlee née Quinn; Presidential Piano Player Condi Rice; Dick "Chain Man" Cheney; Karl "T**dblossom" Rove, Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld; Rush "Limboner" Limbaugh, David "High Broderism" Broder and Cokie "The Cokester" Roberts. Secret sources say he is asking everyone to "Come with! ".

Miss Sally Quinn, the Dishy Doyenne of the D.C. society circle, has said that she wishes she could stay to welcome the Obama's to "The Village" crowd of social whirlers in the Capital, but she feels her duty to her country's social circuit comes first so she will be bringing her A-list guests and her Rolodex to Dallas.

Still no word if Quinn's formerly high-powered husband, Ben "Ink Stain" Bradlee will be joining her. Wags around the Mall say he hopes to play "hoops" with Obama. We think he'll play ball with Quinn's demands to move to Dallas.

Insiders say we can expect a massive real estate sell off in D.C and a boon in Dallas as The Powers that Be start selling their townhouses in DC to buy elegant mansions in Dallas. Even with these financial hard times don't expect corners to be cut! No sub-prime "McMansions" for this crowd. It's Mansions for everyone in Texas where Big is BIG and Americans are proud of their wealth. The DeBushification of D.C. should be complete by January 31.

Let's hope The Prez gets his cleaning deposit back on the White House! Remember the lies about how the "W" keys were missing during the Clinton/Bush transition? Remember how no photos were produced as proof of the alleged missing "W" keys? Note to Obama team: Take photos to prove the "O" keys are missing! The media will NEVER run stories of vandalism in the White House unless there is proof! They don't want to be fooled again. After all, it's a crime to vandalize federal property and a sin to lie! Good thing the Obama's are Christians, like the Bushes, because we all know Christians don't lie. Of course the team could use the zero key-- if it isn't worn out from the previous staff typing up deficit numbers!

But why leave the Ranch? We can't tell you who told us this, but a little biddy told us,
"That place always smells like pig poo from the time it was a pig farm. George likes it because he can cover up his gas passing and he can blame it on the previous pigs if there wasn't a reporter handy to take the blame. [This person] said to him 'You buy a house Dallas by December or no dinner!"

Reporting from Washington, I'm Karen Ryann.

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Blogger (O)CT(O)PUS said...

Good move, I think. If Bush takes the whole crowd with him in Pied-Piper style, then we can rid ourselves of the whole damn bunch with one Phaser blast.

5:30 AM  
Blogger J said...

I can see the Borg advancing: "You will be assimilated!... well, most of you; we're gonna leave about 28% out of the collective".

8:33 PM  

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