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Doug Feith on 60 Minutes with Steve Kroft

Doug Feith was on 60 minutes tonight talking about his new book. If you are reviewing his book or talking about his appearance you would probably want to talk to Allison Hantschel. (Link to her blog) Why? Because BACK IN 2005 she compiled an entire book of articles focusing on the faulty intelligence that Douglas Feith gathered that lead us to war. (link to book)

She writes about his appearance on 60 minutes here in a post titled "
Debunking Douglas Feith: 60 Minutes Liveblogging"

If you are doing a book review on War and Decision: Inside the Pentagon at the Dawn of the War on Terrorism, email Hantschel at athenae25 AT yahoo . com with an interview request for your book review.

She has a new book out on journalism at the college level, she writes for a Chicago newspaper, The Daily Southtown, and she can debunk Feith's mendacity for you. It will make your review better and it will be easy. She can also give you other people to talk to if you need second and third sources. (Remind her to tell you what Feith knew about "Cureball" and how he then used his info anyway, it's a good story.)

Lots of bloggers knew in 2003 and 2004 what Feith was up to with his creation of a special office to provide intelligence to the White House for a war in Iraq. Lots of people inside the beltway knew too, but I'll bet you won't be hearing from them, "We knew then he was trying to pull the wool over our eyes!" Why won't they speak now?

1) The don't want to admit they were wrong.
2) They can't talk to you because they are still afraid of the retribution.
3) They are too powerful to talk to you.

Look at who Feith blames, Colin Powell, General Tommy Franks and the CIA. Do you really think you will be able to get to talk to Powell, Franks or someone at the CIA to talk to you for your book review? Of course not. Now my friends in the NSA and the CIA would LOVE to talk to you about the shenanigans Feith pulled, but they can't. Feith is trying to pre-emptively get his story out and is blaming the people who won't publicly contradict him.

Feith is being very clever blaming people who can't talk back. People use that trick in spy movies all the time. "How do I know that you actually attended MIT Mr. Rich? " they ask. "Well my professor was Dr. Verner Von Thurston. " says Rich.
"Of course HE would be your teacher since he is no longer alive and he can't talk! How convenient for you Mr. Rich."

Powell, Franks and the CIA aren't going to go on the record saying, "He's full of it, here's what REALLY happened."

In contrast, Hantschel's book will provide you with lots of info so you can debunk his claims with multiple sources. Sure she's not inside the Beltway (she in Chicago) but the beltway folks won't tell you anything good. They might have to attend a dinner parties with Feith and they can't be seen to attack him too much or it would be really awkward.

Allison Hantschel, author of Special Plans, the blogs on Douglas Feith and the Faulty Intelligence that led to war, comments on some of the whoppers Feith tells on 60 Minutes to promote his new book, War and Decision,Inside the Pentagon at the Dawn of the War on Terrorism.

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Blogger kelley b. said...

Feith isn't human. No frelling way, he's too unapologetically squamous. The Old Ones will eat him first if he succeeds in opening the way for them.

6:33 PM  
Blogger American Goy said...

Hi Spocko.

It always amazes me that some yahoo or other from the US Army called Feith "the stupidest mother f**ker" and people in the blogosphere accept this version, nodding their heads, and parroting the meme of:

"Gosh! Them neocon warmongers shuuuure is stupid! What they do shuure makes no sense in a rational, logical way! Whaaay, there shurely is no way there was a plan behind this, and no way this benefits anybody!"

I am getting here into dangerous, non mainstream "easy going blog stuff" here, so bear with me, and, as always, if you or anybody finds the material offensive, or worse yet badly researched, TELL ME.

To wit, see these posts:

and go from there.

Perhaps start with this to set the table:

Again, this is controversial, but it is firmly what I believe (and Mr. Weiss and Mr. Silverstein believe) is happening in this country.

7:34 PM  

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