Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stop The Spying!

  • Stop the Spying!

From my friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

Countless citizens have told Congress to reject telecom immunity, but the Senate is still threatening to pass a bill giving immunity to lawbreaking phone companies. It's time to get creative and move beyond words. Let's show our elected representatives who supports the rule of law -- ordinary Americans from across the country. We'll deliver your multimedia messages to lawmakers to drive the point home: no immunity for lawbreaking telecoms! (more info)

I've faxed my Senators and told them that I think retroactive immunity is a bad thing.
My friends over at Firedoglake have some methods and specific points you can make to your senators.

Tell them to vote "no" on cloture. It is well past time that respect for the rule of law and the role of Congress in the balance of powers was restored:

(Spocko side note: Isn't cloture a horrible word? It sounds like a blood condition. "The patient had a heart attack because his veins and arteries were full of cloture."

I think I'll also focus on the financial angle of this (see previous post). It's a long shot message in a different space, but if you want to ignore the politics and ignore the warrentless wiretapping you can focus on the cynical money part, "The telcos knew it wasn't legal, there were giving assurances by someone that it would never be a problem. They rolled the dice and bet that the Bush people could cover up deal but they lost. So now they need to pay the price. It's just business."

And when I say they knew it wasn't legal at the time I'm basing that on the one company that DIDN'T play ball who was then punished. Qwest. At the time Qwest thought that the American people wouldn't want them to break the law and eventually they would pay. They guessed wrong at the time. So you can make this call to your Senators in support of the people at Qwest who stood up for doing the right thing but were punished for it.

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Blogger kelley b. said...

Hey Spocko, what up, dude!

I doubt they'll stop, but at least we might make them hide it better.

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