Saturday, October 20, 2007

Choose your Universe

Blue States - Allies

I know a bit about parallel universes, this video reminded me of a few of those. I think of universes where the Evil Spock lives and where Dr. Zaius is firmly in charge.

Small things we do matter, but we don't always know how we are changing the world for the better. It might be fun (or not fun) to see what would happen if we made a different choice. We know what happens on a big scale when people always make the selfish choice, the "screw you, I've got mine" choice. They describe for you the terrible parallel universe that will exist if we make the, "Let's help others choice." But you should notice they always create a absolutely horrible universe for that choice.

We can see what happens when some people get a narrative in their head that is incorrect like, "Bush and Gore: pretty much the same." c. 1999.

Thanks to Matt Memphis


Mad Man Mikey said...

Thanks. I plan on sharing that with a lot of friends. It was wonderful.

12:10 PM  
spocko said...

I'm glad you liked it!

12:16 PM  
Rich said...

"Bush and Gore: pretty much the same."

Sure the Clinton/Gore regime was softer but they presided over a poor getting poorer policy, the death of 750,000 Iraqi children worth a policy of starvation and bombing, etc. They presided over the mass theft of the Internet bubble and other financial scheming, California energy "deregulation" for example.

That, and all Bill & Hilary can do is back down from their only major program, health care, after waisting time on gays in the military. What an accomplishment. Reagan would never back down, and could even make ketchup a vegetable for poor kids or say trees cause more pollution than cars and not back down. When the sex packets on the nice lady's dress got too much, Bill can only destroy a medicine factory in poor Africa. He left office forgiving criminals just like the Right, and left the country unwary of the threat of neocons and Osama.

Well is Al Gore is different? Both him and the other Skull & Bones guy have had very good moments but really had little substantive to say in the campaigns and backed down when everyone knew the elections were being stolen.

Does Pelosi really not know that we are building long-term bases in Iraq? No, the Democrats know and go along to bring home the bacon for their piggie lives. Their leadership even punishes strays ones who spill the beans frankly like Pete Stark recently. They voted for the Patriot Act under the threat of an right-wing US military anthrax attack on liberal leaders and let the signing statements that erase their feeble efforts stand.

Sorry, but while the Democrats are not quite as outrageous as their friends across the aisle, the thrust of the efforts seems to be anti-Christic just the same.

Of course we shouldn't expect much of the Democrats -- they are politicians.

3:31 PM  
Rich said...

I always thought that Hilary Clinton played a role in the alt universe known as Buffy/Angel,

Hilary seems like she might be a client of Wolfram & Hart, which was no doubt a neocon front who provide campaign advisors and fresh meat.

Silly but perhaps more true networks news!

4:58 PM  

Oh, my !! Time to hijack a space shuttle and move to another sector. Is there any peaceful corner of this Universe, or is there anger and vitriol everywhere?

Time to play with my cat.

9:21 PM  

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