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6 Years ago Today.....Bin Laden determined to strike in US

My good friend Ripley at Zen Cabin reminds us that 8/06/2001 is the day that Bush got his PDB (Presidential Daily Briefing) titled bin Laden Determined to Strike Inside US.

I created the video below back in 2004 (Real Video Link 93 seconds), and I created it BEFORE Dr. Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor testified about this in congress where she dismissed it as 'historical'. I got all the info from a great site called Cooperative Research. Here is a link to the Aug 06, 2001 section of the time line.
Windows video link

For the science fiction fans who will disagree with Ms. Rice's assertion (which I believe she finally retracted years later) "I don't think that any one could have predicted that these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center,... ''even in retrospect' that there was 'nothing' to suggest that." -Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice 5/16/2002

On March 4, 2001 a short-lived Fox television program called The Lone Gunmen airs a pilot episode in which militants try to fly an airplane into the WTC. If only Ms. Rice was a science fiction fan!

(BTW, you can donate to the Center for Cooperative Research here, it will soon be called the “Center for Grassroots Oversight"]

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jurassicpork said...

Linked at Pottersville.

Lucky you.

5:23 PM  
iamcoyote said...

Wow, Spocko, that was majorly cool! Loved the soundtrack.

5:55 PM  
¡El Gato Negro! said...

Thees video, she ees muy fantastico.


7:58 PM  
Ripley said...

Nicely done, brother!

8:51 PM  
Mike said...

I'm trying to find the article I read sometime in the Summer of 2001. A law against ugly signs atop skyscrapers was passed in Milwaukee. One of the politicians regretted the fact that it was not retroactive, and proposed that a small plane be flown into the biggest building in town, which is "graced" by an ugly sign.

But I can't find the article now, and I think the law failed: the building has changed hands several times, with a new ubly sign each time.

9:44 PM  
Rich said...

Madame Supertanker had a close encounter while shoe shopping just after Katrina:

1:27 AM  
Rich said...

Oh yeah, heck of a job Condi!

12:48 PM  
Metro said...

It's interesting. While I was trucking, I recall a program I heard on NPR while crossing Arizona/Nevada or some similar place in 2000.

The interviewee was the retired head of airline security for both an airport and an airline.

He specifically said in no uncertain terms that if "we don't raise the level of security on domestic flights to the level required on international flights, someone is going to hijack a plane and crash it."

Note he did not say "Unless we create an appendix office called the TSA, an Orwellian nightmare machine called the Department of Fatherland Insanity, and create work for every moronic bully who ever kicked over a sandcastle, people might have a pleasant flight ..."

But one can understand the confusion of the Bush League. When the horse has fled the barn, the thing to do is slam the door even harder.

3:01 PM  

Let us look at Ms. Rice's assertion again: "I don't think that any one could have predicted that these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center ... ''even in retrospect' that there was 'nothing' to suggest that."

Actually there was an air hijacking in the mid 1990s that should have raised a red flag worldwide. I am refering to an Air France jet that was hijacked by Algerian terrorists in Nice and ordered to refuel on the ground. A French swat team stormed the plane and averted a larger disaster ... the terrorists intended to fly that plane to Paris and crash it into Le Tour Eiffel. I should know: I was living in France at the time and remember this incident all too well.

The subsequent events of 9/11 were born on that day. It is inconceivable to me that a national secuity advisor would ignore this incident and profess ignorance.

9:57 AM  
Jim said...

Actually Bin Laden determined to strike (and did) long before 8/6/01

8:13 AM  

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